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First Post...Need help!! Kitten Diarrhea

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I recently adopted 2 Domestic Black male kittens from the animal shelter, however the have tested postive for round worms from the stool samples. They were dewormed on Sept 22/07 and given there first set of shots. They told me that the kittens may have diarrhea for a couple of days which is normal. So I never thought too much about it. The seem like real healthy kittens, playful, eating lots and drinking plenty, however the diarrhea continued. So I brought them to the vet on Oct 6/07 and they were dewormed for the second time. They still have very soft stool-very light brown/orange in color with a consistency of let's say pudding....and a stench that makes you want to gag!
They are scheduled for their second set of shots on Oct 20/07. (Possibly de-worming for the 3rd time)

So my question is what I should I do until then? I don't want them to suffer with very soft stool.
Shouldn't the worms be gone after two doses of medication?
Is something else going on with them?

They are currently eating Science Diet Kitten food. After reading all the scary information about commercial brand food (grain fillers) I went out today and bought a sample bag of Orijen.

However I am very hesitant about switching their diet around again with the current state of thier stool.

Any helpful advise would be greatly appreciated.
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DO NOT SWITCH foods right now... thou your choice IMHO is a great food ...

THEY need to get to the vet now
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Hey Sharky I just got back from the vet and he gave me some different medication for my kittens.

They may have some sort of parasite. They didn't seem overly concerned.
The gave me "Panacur Suspension 10%" to be given once daily for the next 5 days.

Has anybody ever heard or used this medication before?

Oh by the way, my older cat Sookie (1 year old) absolutely loved the Orijen

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Welcome to TCS. There are a lot of great people here and a lot of great info on the site.

From my little experience with kittens (and one very sensitive kitten, now a cat and my spoiled princess) is that any little thing can stress them out and cause them to have diarrhea.

Coming to a new home with new surroundings and new smells - diarrhea. New food - diarrhea. You stressing over them having diarrhea - diarrhea. Boosters - diarrhea.

Panacur, from my understanding is used to kill gastrointestinal parasites, roundworm, hookwork, whipworm and certain tapeworms. Make sure they get all of the prescribed will help the little monsters. I have used it on my critters with no ill effects.

My kitties also love Orijen. But I'd definitely wait until their stools firm up (a good 2 weeks of normal BM) and they finish getting all the necessary boosters before attempting to switch their diets.

Just make sure they stay hydrated...that's the number one concern with diarrhea in kittens.
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One thing that this drug does not treat is an intestinal parasite called "Coccidia" which causes another type of foul smelling diarrhea. Coccidia is **very common** among shelter cats and kittens and untreated can be very dangerous, even fatal in young kittens if not treated. In our area we find coccidia much more common that Giardia which your current medication treats.

If your kitten's diarrhea is light or pale brown and has a sickly citrus smell you should highly suspect coccidia, and regardless i would want assurance by the vet that the kittens do not have it, or I would consider treating for it. A negative stool sample is not proof of lack of infection with coccidia. The vet should also make a visual inspection of the stool and smell it as well.
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Hello Jason & welcome to TCS. I don't have anything to add as I've never had experience with the things your poor kitties are suffering from. I think you have been given excellent advice. Are you taking them to the shelter vet? are the visits included in the adoption? If yes & you're still worried I would consider taking them to a different vet.
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