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All of my cats are strays (or were kittens of strays), tamed ferals or from animal control.
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Both my cats were found on the street. I found Buster wandering in my yard and Holly Golightly was living at the KFC/Pizza Hut hustling for chicken wings.
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We got both of our cats from Safe Haven for Cats, the area's first no-kill shelter. We went with the intention of "window shopping," checking out the place, etc. and fell in love with Swanie. We knew we wanted two, but originally, we wanted two who already knew and liked each other. Swanie was by himself, and none of the other cats had made a big impression on me. Finally, the counselor suggested Cynthia. We got her out of her cage, and she was such a little sweetheart, rolling over and purring when I petted her, so we took her too. We were so unprepared, they had to sell us a carrier and were nice enough to loan us a carrier (we already had one at home). As we were loading the cats into our car, the counselor told us that they had had no intention of letting us leave their shelter without cats

I think fate took us to that shelter that night, because we couldn't have done any better anywhere.
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Loki was adopted from the Humane Society.

Possum was adopted from Columbia Second Chance, a local rescue.

Lady, my dog, was also adopted from the Humane Society.

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Velvet- She came from our local humane society

Jasmine - A very reputable no-kill cat rescue i used to volunteer for. (one of the best rescues in our area! i volunteered there for years and fostered! Jasmine was a foster cat that never went back )

Isabella- She came from the same rescue as Jasmine- she was dumped by her horrid breeder after she had been abused, at a VERY high kill shelter. The owner of Mewtopia saw her and took her in. I brought her home to foster her and bring her out of her shell- and i knew my home was the only one for her!

Kojak- my niece and her friends found him and his littermates one day after school when they walked past a couple of mean kids that were trying to hurt them. Her and her friends grabbed them and ran home with them and called me. I let the shelter where i work know what was going on and they became shelter kitties- but i fostered them as they were newborns Kojak was the runt, and the sickly one of the bunch- he stayed with me long after his littermates were neutered and found homes. By the time it was time for me to take him to be placed for adoption i was SOOOOOOO attached- i started bawling right then and there- Colin saw how much i loved Kojak and said we could keep him

All of my cats are rescues/shelter animals. I definitely acknowledge that there are certainly wonderful, very good breeders out there. But for me, i personally refuse to buy an animal from a breeder when there are countless animals (both purebreed and moggies) in shelters across the country that die each day due to overpopulation. I work at a shelter, i swear i'd take them all home with me if i could lol.
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I found my kitty online from Craigslist. The shelters only had kittens at the time and I wanted an older cat to adopt. I was online at the right time when I spotted the ad.
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Indiana Joan: feral kitten that was abandoned by her mom while out hunting in our fields
Stumpy: feral kitten that we found alone in our storm cellar
Eightball: feral kitten that was born in the rafters of our garage
Bob: feral kitten that we found alone in a box in our garage
Pinky: feral kitten who showed up with their mom one day - probably born in the woods behind our property
Scarlett: feral kitten born in a flower bed
Lucky Pierre: feral kitten probably born in the woods behind our home
Muddy/Koko: feral kittens born next to our front porch
Dakota/Sage: adopted from a humane society, but were feral kittens born in a barn in our neighborhood
Oscar/Spanky: part of a trio of unrelated feral kittens dumped on our property. I assume someone cleaned out their barn and thought we needed more.

Yup - we lived in a part of the country where there were a lot of dumped cats. It's a challenge when there are hundreds of vacant acres around and lots of old outbuildings at your home.
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My RB cat Sphinx: Humane Society. He was going to be pts at any time.
Kuce : Humane Society (The same day as Sphinx). She was also going to be pts at any time.
Luvbug: Stray kitty at our apt. complex. He was apparently dumped by his previous owners and was 2 lbs underweight - you could really feel his ribs.
Lil' Jag: Also a stray kitty from the same apt. complex as a 3.5 month old kitten.
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My 1st cat that I got when I was 5 years old was abandoned by her mother in our backyard when she was just minutes old. When that cat was 2 years-old she had 3 kittens. 2 of thoes kittens we had for over 20 years before they died. 3 months ago we adopted our 2 kittens from the local animal shelter.
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My current two are both fosters that came and didn't go - both had been with me for months and no interest (both 13 at the time they came). All my previous cats have been rescues, I dont generally have to go looking for a cat though, they seem to find me!!
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Jaffa came from a rescue

Mosi came from a breeder
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Princess came from the SPCA. She was abandoned with her 5 littermates in a bush at the home of a SPCA volunteer when she was about 3 weeks old. She stayed with the volunteer until I got her at 7 weeks.

Patsy was from a rescue group that took her in after she was abandonded in PetsMart. She was also abused prior to being abandoned.

George, Blackie, and Mikey just showed up and decided they like it here and moved right in. Now we won't let them leave!!!!
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Scruffy is from my husband's aunt
Cala is from a shelter
Willow is from a pregnant stray
Veeshan is from a breeder
Kingston is from a breeder
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Stan and Bella came from a rescue group. Although I love the beautiful pedigreed cats I've seen on this site and at shows, and I would never argue with anyone that prefers to get their pets from a breeder, I know in my heart that all my kitties will be rescues.
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I got yasmine from a friend that had kitten and i got molly from the shelter
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Sophie came from the Friends of Marblehead Animal Shelter, Marblehead, Ma
Mollie came from SAFER, Seacoast Area Feline and Rescue, Hampton Falls, NH
Cosmo came from celestialrags, Maine
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I got lily from a cat rescue centre and i got florrie from a woman who claimed her daughter was allergic to her fur but i later found out she bought a dog so i guess she just wanted rid of florrie.
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All three of my cats were my foster cats that I fell in love with.
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Bob - a stray hanging around a feral colony that someone my father worked with fed. My Dad volunteered me to take him in without asking me!

Freckles (RB kitty) - I got him from a co-worker who was moving in with her boyfriend and BF said she could only take 2 of her 3 cats. She's still with the BF and the other 2 cats disappeared.

Bickford - He came from another private placement I found on a Yahoo chat group. His former meowmy's husband had cat allergy issues that weren't responding to treatment and Bickford was having a hard time adjusting to two toddlers and a move to a new house.

I hope to be moving soon and I'm thinking about adding another cat from one of the local shelters.
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Rescued Enzo from the farm, Leya from animal control, and Stuart was thrown out of a car.
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Tommy - a family that were friends with my parents had a cat, and the people that they got the cat from had another litter of kittens they were trying to place -- they asked my parents' friends if they wanted another cat, which they didn't, so they asked around and my parents said yes, so we got a kitten

Tiger and Princess - "free to good home" ad in newspaper (brother and sister)

Sundance - pet store

Ripper - rescue

Sasha - "free to good home" ad on message board

Rascal - pet store

I intend to get my next cats from the local shelter.
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All our cats came from MIL's barn. The first 2, Harley and Monster, were found deserted by their mom before their eyes were opened and had to be bottle fed. One night in the barn, I fell in love with Little One. She was eating kitten food and was probably 3 months old when we adopted her. Then, a year later we took in Gizmo, Corky and Missy after their mom was killed by a stray dog. They had to be bottle fed too.
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Bean = I got him from a guy at a flea market when I was on a business trip in Maryland. The guy said he had rescued the group of kittens from someone who was not caring for them. The man really didn't know anything about cats, he was just trying to find homes for them. I wasn't even looking for a kitty at the time, but he was just too cute, I couldn't pass him up.

Sammy = His mother came to us as a pregnant stray. She had a litter of kittens in our horse barn. Afterwards we had her spayed, and my mom said that I could keep one of the kittens. I choose Sammy. We found homes for the others, and we kept Sammy's mother. She passed away a few years ago.

Mittens = He has the same story as Sammy. Except he had a differen't mother, and he became my sister's kitty.

Tippy = She wandered into my yard as a kitten. At the time we thought she was rabid. She was stumbling around and her head would kind of twist to the side, which would throw her whole body off balance and tip her over. We took her to the vet, and they told us that she had some brain damage due to poor nutrition. So we took her home and as she got healthier her balance improved. Now she's able to function fine, but she still has a slight tilt to her head. We also think that her growth was stunted because she never grew much.

Sassy = She showed up at my farm years ago. She would come and go. Whenever she was around I would feed her, and I'd often find her sleeping in the barn. She remained a "stray" (I say stray because we never really knew if she belonged to someone, but we fed her regularly) until just recently. She became ill and I took her to the vet, where they diagnosed her with cancer. I decided then that she's officially my cat. I've moved her indoors, so that she can live out her remaining days as the princess that she really is. I didn't know how she'd take to being an indoor kitty after living outdoors as a stray for her entire life, but she loves it. I've never seen a happier cat.
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My 3 all came from the same breeder.
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Rescues (two listed on petfinder) 1 shelter, 2 petsmart shelters.
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From The Humane Society of Western Quebec, but sheltered through Petsmart.
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I found Sammi as a kitten while picking blackberries to sell at a yard sale. We live out in the country on a deserted road, and it was at the side of the road in the tall grass where I found him. His eyes weren't open yet, he was so tiny. There was no mother anywhere and it's always been a mystery how he got there. I hate to think someone threw a kitten out of a car!

Wally is on "loan" from some friends who got jobs in Korea and left to work there. But that was so many years ago that Wally has made the house his own now...
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Monte & Katina - Adopted from the SPCA on 9/23/07
Chassis - Adopted from a vet's office in July 2003
Caliper - Adopted from a recycling center litter in July 2004
Tailpipe - Adopted from a vet's office in January 2007.

And our RB baby Tigger was found in a tree in 1993 and brought home.
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