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Where Did You Get Your Cat/s?

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Where did you get your cats?

Breeder? Rescue centre? Found them on the streets?
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Most of the cats I've owned are from the streets/farm, from a shelter, or from a breeder

Current cats:

Ling - last of the barn cats after everyone was finally spayed/neutered.

Charlie - breeder

Next Ocicat will be from a breeder too

Keno (the lab) was a indirect rescue dog
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Sliver - Humane Society
Snowball - Humane Society
Sage - Pet Store
Sushie - Newspaper Ad
Spooky - Friend
Spici - Pet Store
Shilo & Sadee - They are Spookys Kittens
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Chablis we rescued from the parking lot of the mall. We were told HE was pregnant! LOL!

Joey showed up in our flower bed with 2 teeth but a heck of a mouth! We guessed he was about 4 weeks old at the time! He's been with us ever since.

Kahlua we um... Liberated from our neighbors.... they already had a 2 year old DLH that they never took care of, never brushed, never really cared about. Then they brought home a 7 week old kitten and stuck it outside to live about this time of the year when it was already getting very cold at night. She ended up in our garage trying to get warm one evening and we kept her.
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Harley - My boyfriends' moms' cat had a litter & we brought Harley - the runt home with us - that was 2 years ago!

Bayley- We adopted him at our local Humane Society, the best thing we ever did!
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Hennessy's from the local cat rescue.
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Angel and Tiger: Petsmart/Last Chance Society
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Bijou - my dream blue-point kitty we got from a breeder

Mika - our daughter moved out, missed Bijou so much she went and got Mika from the same breeder.

Daughter moved back home with Mika and we were introduced to how wonderful it is to have 2 cats rather than a lonely one.

They are full brother and sister but from different litters. They are totally wonderful in every way, looks, temperament, affectionate, etc.
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Tosh was a kitten being given away.
Oreo was 9 months old (they think) and was from a shelter.
Snickers (and of course her precious brother, Marbles) was from a friend who's cat had a litter.
Jazz was from a shelter.

We don't seem to run across stray cats around here. If we did I am sure that we would be tempted to easily have 20 or more cats running around.
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Ping was rescued from under my house when he was a few weeks out and knocking on deaths door. He is the darker larger Siamese mix in my siggy.

Pong was rescued from the streets (specifically a parking lot of store next door). She was around 5-6 weeks old when we got her.
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Kricket was brought to me by my neighbors dog at around a week old. The dog brought her home in her mouth and dropped her on the back deck. My neighbor thought she was a chipmunk but called me since she knew i worked in a vets office.

Worm was a dump at my job, he was dropped off with his sister who we eventually had to put to sleep because she was having seizure after seizure. He was 4 weeks old.
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My girls came from a rescue, the best thing I ever did for the 3 of us .
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Boomie & Bubba came from a guy at a bar. My roommate (at the time) brought them home one night.

Sandy was from the Anti-Cruelty Society Area at Petsmart.
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Ox I had from a litter but gave him to boss's daughter when he was a kitten. Got him back whe he was 2 yrs old (he's 18.5 yrs now!)

Grizzly I have given her and her sister to a respondent from a classified ad. However her mother got run over (by our vet's wife). I contacted the person who had her and her sis and got them back for trade from another litter (the didn't like long hair)

Bobbs was in my SIL's barn

Bakker came from a rescue
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Sylvia came to us a stray, pregnant and only weighing 4 lbs! The vet estimated her age to be around 8 years old.

Isabel is one of Sylvias kittens, she had a herniated belly button, so we decided to keep her to make sure she was taken care of. Plus, or papillon Comet had a herniated belly button when he was a pup, so it was destiny!
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From a breeder
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Katie - from a woman who found her as a tiny kitten in her garden while I was living in Belgium

Gracie - from a friend who was caring for a colony of feral/kittens in her neighborhood

Peter and Claire - from a TNR group I used to volunteer with. They were trapped with their mama and 5 littermates in a local neighborhood
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I found Lucky only a few hours old, on my front lawn
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April Joy was up for adoption at a vet's office. I was looking for a boy but she stole my heart. Gotcha Day: 06/17/2005

Christopher Cody came from Eileen (Eilcon), the kitty fairy. I saw his face in one of her posts and I couldn't resist! Gotcha Day: December 13, 2005

Midnight Sun was meowing very loudly outside my door. I expected to see a great big cat to go with that great big voice. Instead I saw a tiny little skinny kitten looking for food. This happened around midnight. I live right next to a 40 mph street so I brought him inside to live. Gotcha Day: July 26, 2007
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Leo - John's uncle and aunt were feeding two stray cats. One ended up being pregnant. She disappeared, and then reappeared 6 weeks later with kittens. We had the mom spayed and took in the kittens. We found homes for them all and kept Leo.

Tabitha - She was a "free to good home" kitten, the people had found her in the middle of a major highway near where we live... with her mother and sister. They found homes for the mom and sister but no one wanted Tabitha. So we took her in.

Spooky Bear - John's dad yelled at me one morning that there was a tiny kitten in the barn. It was cold out and I wasn't going to leave him in the barn. It took us about an hour of chasing him before John finally crawled under a pile of junk and pulled Spooky Bear out. We never did find a momma cat.

Spike - He was another "free to good home" kitten. He was the brother to a kitten that we had that passed away last year and we just couldn't say no to bringing Spike home.

Lieutenant Bear - One of 4 kittens born to a stray cat that we took in while she was pregnant.

Captain Squishy & Garfield - John came home from work one day and told me that a friend of his had a friend who needed to find somewhere for their 4 day old kittens to go. The mother had been hit by a car. So we took them in.

Woody Jr & Taco - Two of five kittens born to another pregnant stray that we took in.

Sophia & Roxy - I got a call one day about three kittens that were found abandoned in the woods. They said that they found one of the kittens in a Rottweiler's mouth. I'm not sure if it was one of the three we got, or if it was a different kitten. But, we found a home for the little boy and kept these two girls.

I don't think I've forgotten anyone!
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Two cats came from the local rescue, my ragdoll was returned to the breeder as her owner could no longer keep her. I rehomed her she was 2 yrs old.
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Ike was a kitten from a friend's cat's litter.
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Inky was given to me by a neighbor.
Shadow came from a farm.
Cleo - pet store
Felicia - pet store
Beau -a breeder
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Pet store

Next one will adopted though
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Mellow came from a humane society that had cat cages at petsmart.
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Ophelia was trapped in the walls of our apartment building and we busted a hole in the wall to get her out.

Trent was at a pet store (before I knew how bad they are I don't regret HIM, but I do regret how we got him.)

Ginger was a delivery from the Kitty Fairy. She was rescued in Ohio, and the stars aligned for her to come home to Colorado.

Mojo we adopted from Every Creature Counts, a no-kill shelter that shows their animals at Petsmart.
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Raven & Nabu- littermates that I got through a co-worker. He thought he found a home, she changed her mind, and I came along looking for "a" cat.

Stimpy- from the Humane Society while I worked there. He picked me.
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Furrari was about 8 days old when I got him and his 3 siblings (Mom cat had a nasty infection and was on anti-biotics). The guy who had them knew nothing about kitten care. They were so chilled and weak that by the time I got them warmed up enough to feed them I lost two.

Freya wandered in off the street 12 years ago. She was totally unconcerned about the three dogs that also lived here.

Elija Blue-eyes I picked out of a litter - belonged to my boss's girlfriends's daughter's cat.
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All my cats came from a rescue, 4/5 out of from the same one. Maggie was also adopted from a small breed resuce organization.
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Both of the cats I have right now I got at the local shelter.
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