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Little Red Riding Hood(photo of my daugther)

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Here are a few photos of my daughter. She is 4. We just got her costume yesterday and decided to take a few photos. Good thing to as the weather now is only in the 50's. She really wanted to dress as a cat but I couldn't find any good costumes. She made me promise that next year she would be one so I guess I will start looking now.

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she is adorable!!!!!!!!! that is a great costume
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Wow your daughter is precious! She looks so beautiful as little red riding hood Can't wait to see her photo for next halloween dressed as a cat!
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omg she is absolutely adorable. great costume i hope she gets LOTS of candy. the photographer did an amazing job too
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Great photos! She's so cute in that red outfit! She really does look like Little Red Riding Hood.
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Beautiful pictures. The look professionally done. Your daughter is a beautiful child. She looks like a little model.
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Those pics are SO PRECIOUS...she is ADORABLE
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She looks adorable!

Great photos!
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Oh she is PRECIOUS!!!!! What a cutie. That is such a cute costume.
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She is adorable, I love the costume, My daughter is also four, she also wants to be a cat, I am still looking , I might end up making a costume, if I can't persuade her to wear something else,
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Your daughter is absolutely adorable. I love her costume!
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OMG! These are beautiful! What is her name? She is adorable!!!
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What a beautiful little red riding hood she is.
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She's just darlin', and you're a fine photographer, too!
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Those are great pictures!!! The costume is great and your daughter looks adorable!!
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aawwww. your daughter looks so cute in her costume.
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Awwww She looks charming as Little Red Riding Hood. Nice photos.
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She's beautiful!

All I have is 2 dirty little boys
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She is a doll!!! I love her costume!!
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What brilliant pictures!. She looks so cute as well
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What a precious little girl.
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Your daughter is adorable in her costume!
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Awwww!! She's simply adorable!
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She is soo cute!! I love the last picture- what a sweet little smile!
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Beautiful photography. Did you photograph her and your cute kitty in your signature?
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Thanks to all for the kind words about my daughters costume. I just love photography. Of course the subject matter makes it so very easy to take a decent picture. Yes, I took the photos of my cat Pasha that I use in my signature. I would love to take him outside as indoor lighting is so very tricky. But he has never been out and I don't know quite how he will react. Right now he goes to the door when I let the pooches out but I am always carefull to make sure he is far from the outside door. He is a Ragdoll and I am afraid if he were to get out on his own without me knowing he wouldn't make it long. He is so trusting and will not move when he lies down. If I ever get brave enough to take him out I will post pictures.
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