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The Perfect Cat Litter?

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Hi, I recently saw a commercial for cat litter called The Perfect Cat Litter. It seemed to address all of the problems I have with the cat litter my cat uses. Too heavy, very dusty, very strong 'fresh' smell that stays in your nose for a good hour or so, hard to dispose of. And the disease indicator seems good, as my cat approaches her 'golden years', I think it's a good idea!

I know it seems kind of risk free, 2 weeks free (just $3.95 for shipping) but I was wondering if it really works? Has anyone tried it, or is it just a gimmick? I know it's only $3.95 and it doesn't matter much if I don't like it, since I wouldn't have to buy it again, but I'm just wondering what you guys think of it.

New here, by the way
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Swift, Welcome to the Cat Site!

We have been wondering about that cat litter too. Looks like it would be a good purchase but hopefully we can hear what other people think of it...Wonder if it would be worth it.
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I have seen and heard about it, but not tried it. I did mention in GK's thread about Feline Pine, that I had started to use Feline Fresh, which, I think is also new. It is an all natural clumpable, flushable pine litter. Although I don't flush it, it does clump and dry very well, and has a very mild pine smell. After one week and three boxes, I haven't gotten any offensive odors - other than the ever delightful fragrance of warm kitty poop!
I do scoop every time I go into my bathroom and see clumps - or when the frsh kiity poop smell forces me to act quickly!
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I have not heard about it or tried it.

I did want to say that I have been using world's best cat litter (extra srength formula) and it works really well. It is flushable and not dusty at all. I have also used feline pine scoopable, but it is more dusty than the WBCL (IMO). You might want to try one of those, which is more readily available in pet stores, and then go to the one you mentioned (which I assume is only availabe through mail order or online).

I have also recently bought a bag of papurrr scoopable litter but haven't used it yet (it is septic-safe and flushable).

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I thought it looked interesting too and perhaps if I only had one cat I would try it but I think the cost would be prohibitive in a multi-cat household. Be sure to read the terms and conditions if you decide to try it.
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How Ironic, I just signed up for the free trial today for this brand of kitty litter. I happend by the website by chance and my boyfriend and I decided why not. We by no means pamper our cats (we have 2 cats and 6 new baby kitties) we buy whatever is cheapest at Wal-mart. For food we get Special Kitty gourmet blend(our cats aren't really fond of "expensive" brand cat foods like meow mix and cat chow) and for litter we use Purina Tidy Cats for multiple cats. When we chanced across the ad, we figured why not at least try it. The ads say its good for the earth, flushable and has an idicator to tell you when your kitty has a UTI. There is a note to the customer on the bottom of the page which is a must read. I have taken the liberty of including it here:
Consumer Notice: Your FREE trial includes a two week supply of Pet Ecology Perfect Litter "Alert" (one 2 lb. bag equal to 14lbs of clay litter) just pay the small $3.95 fee to cover s&h. Delivery time is 2-3 weeks with regular shipping. For your convenience we will deliver you every month a fresh supply of litter (two 2lb bags equal to 28lbs of clay based litter). This delivery service is only $14.90 a month plus $4.95 S&H. If for any reason you don't love perfect litter just contact us within 14 days of receiving your free litter and we'll cancel all future deliveries no questions asked. We'll even include a 30 day money back gurantee less shipping and processing fees. Please enjoy this amazing product. Florida residents will be charged the required state and county sales tax.

There's a first time for everything. We decided that if we feel it isn't worth the monthly $20 fee for two 2lbs bags that we can just cancel and go back to Tidy Cats.

We will keep you all posted on how well it works or doesnt work. Also, how we and our cats liked it.

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