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How did you meet your S.O.?

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We always love hearing stories about how people came to meet their significant others

My Husband & I met online & then in 2000 we met each other in person. We've both met a good amount of people from online but as soon as we seen each other, we knew that we wanted to be together. Ever since that day we have been inseparable. We got married in 2003 & we hope to make it to our 50th anniversary! Got a long time to go though till 2053! We are so very happy & even happier with our big family of beautiful fuzzies! We look forward to hearing all your stories!

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I met J in an MMO called Asheron's Call back in Jan 2000.
In Aug 2000 we met in person, thus started a three year long distance relationship.
In May, 2003 I moved in with him and the rest is happy history.
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DH and I were introduced by a friend of ours. His friend was dating my friend but she couldn't attend a wedding with him because she had to work. So I went with him. It was a 5 hr drive one way and we made the trip in one day, so I was pretty tired when we got back to the dorms on the base. DH was taking his trash out and wearing some not so stylish outfit. So our friend was like "Hey it's Nate!" (I do not call him that btw!) And he introduced me to him. Well I was so tired I barely gave him a wave and just crawled over into the drivers seat of my car without getting out and drove off. Before I got more than 200' away I had the thought that that was the man I was going to marry! I was like "No way!" and forgot about it. Well yes way. I didn't remember that till about a year afterward, when DH and I had been dating for several months and he was in the middle of a deployment. Can't forget it now!
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When my fiance died, i met one of his friends that i didnt know about. He was so sensitive and had a very kind soul. I willnever forget the first time i saw him. I walked into the church and saw this guy leaned over just pouring out tears. I immediatly walked over and consoled him and thats when we met. From there we became friends and were great support to eachother for our loss. It was alot of fun sharing stories of my fiance. Over time, feelings started to grow and we decided to take it to the next step. I could not ask for a better man.
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Quick version

Meet online in a divorce chat room (both of us were almost done with the divorces - waiting for final paperwork). Dated online (and in person) for 18 months - me in Maryland, him in Minnesota.

Moved to MN after 9/11 (in November) - got married in February. Just celebrated our 5th anniversary Still on our honeymoon and plan to stay that way
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My best friend at the time is John's cousin. One day I was talking to my friend online, and he sent me an IM address and said "here, add this guy". Before I could ask him any questions, he got offline. So, out of curiousity, I added the guy. John and I started talking that day. Every day for 5 days we talked online, most days for hours... until well into the early morning hours.
5 days later, my friend invited me to go see a movie with him and one of his other friends... and John. I almost didn't go, but in the end decided to go. John bugged me all through the movie... poking me and just being generally annoying. After the movie, we talked in the parking lot for about an hour after our friends left. Then, we said goodbye, went home, and talked online the rest of the night.
That was September 27, 2005 and we've been together ever since.
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Matt and I met in 2004. I had been working as a Group Exercise Instructor at our university gym teaching muscle toning classes for about a year when he first started working there. My first memory of him was during his first semester teaching. I knew there was some new yoga instructor guy who taught after me and every day he would ALWAYS go about 10 min into my class time. It drove me NUTS! The following semester he started coming to my classes and talking to me a bit after them. Turns out he had a bit of a crush on me. He stopped coming once he found out I had a boyfriend Finally we managed to get together at the start of '06. At that point not only did we both teach at the gym but we both were in the same Mental Health Counseling masters program! Now we're getting married in May of '08 and hope to be together for a loooong long time!
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I met David my DH online in the widow/widowers chat room, I lost my DH to a boat accident and he lost his wife to cancer both in 1996. We talked online for 3 months then the phone for 4 months then met in person and we were in love before we met in person We will be celebrating out 10th Anniversary on Feb 14th, 2008
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Gary and I met in our High School marching band in 2001. I was a freshman and he was a sophomore. We started hanging out in 2002 a lot when one of my other friends had a crush on him, and I kinda had a crush on one of his friends. But we ended up actually dating in Dec. 2002 and have been together ever since. We arent engaged right now but hope to be fairly soon. And we also hope to be living together soon but thats kinda hard at the moment with his family!
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First year of college.
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Neil and I met back 1982??
Anyhow it was snowing and my roommate was backing our of our driveway and she got stuck.
He was shoveling his sidewalk (he lived next door!!). He came over and helped me shovel Jeannie out.
I offered him some hot chocolate (turns out he doesn't drink it)but at the same time mentioned that our apt (it was the second floor of a house) smelled as my rommie and I were in a deep fryer phase and the place smelled like grease. So I invited him but didn't invite him.
We have been married 22 yrs!!
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I met my DH hitchhiking with a friend, we were both 17, I went out with his best friend first, He was such a jerk, My DH phoned to apologize for the way his friend treated me, we've been together for 30 years ,
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Darrell and I were actually in 1st grade together. I moved away and spent 7 years in another town...then I moved back here and we were classmates in High school. I always thought he was cute, but we never really interacted one-on-one.
After we graduated we started hanging out alot, and discovered that we were classmates way back when. About a year and a half ago we were at a movie and he held my hand and we kissed and told each other that we had had feelings for them for a while.

We have been a couple all this time and plan to get married within the next few years.
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I met Vinnie when I was working at the pet store. He had Shiloh (his american bulldog) and i noticed he was coming in more often getting treats, toys, food, etc. We got talking and ended up meeting after I got off work. Nov 3rd will be 3 yrs of dating ....i'm being very patient waiting for that ring Hes my everything.
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The short version (because Darcy is laying on one of my hands) is that I drove 2500 miles across the US to go to a really good welding school. My hubby is one of the instructors there and the rest is history
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I picked up my husband at the baggage claim in Detroit Metro Airport. Guess you could say that I had his claim ticket. We celebrated our 25th anniversary in May.
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