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kitten meowing ALL the time. Normal?

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Is it pretty common for a kitten to meow ALL the time. My new kittie just wants to be right in front of me, either on my lap, crawling on the keyboard, or at my feet, and the whole time she meows... like alittle cry. I got her yesturday afternoon. She hasnt eaten alot which i thought maybe thats why she was meowing so much, but she shows no interest in the food. she came from a petshop with other cats in the cage, and now is in a home with me and my son. Im also pregnant, and I know my cats in the past always seemed to sense it and became very clingy. I didnt know if that could be it, or she just misses the other cats, or what.

Is it pretty common for a kitten to be like this. Shes about 8 to 9 weeks old.
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Well, first since you got her at a Petshop, you need to take her for a health check-up at the Vet.
Some cats are more talkative than others my cats talk to me all day long.
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Your kitten is still very young, and definately misses the interaction with the other littermates. Are you able to get another kitten to keep yours company? That would be your best bet, they would keep eachother company while you are away, and give him/her a buddy for life
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Your kitty is missing her littermates/mom, the best time to get a kitten is 10-12 weeks petshops normally get them much too young

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Well, first since you got her at a Petshop, you need to take her for a health check-up at the Vet.
That goes for all cats, no matter where you get them from.
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Butzie talks all the time. My RIP cat Brownie didn't meow much. My mother says that Butzie meows all the time because I talk all the time. Guess we were made for each other.
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My new kitten meowed a lot the first 2 days he was with us, and then became more confident in his space and more exploratory. He now only meows in the morning, when he thinks we should be awake (we don't let him in the bedroom as he's an Abyssinian and wouldn't stay calm overnight for anything!) and when we come home from work, where he comes running up to the door "barking."

Sometimes he meows and squeaks and chirps for no reason, but it's definitely different from his meows during the first few days. Don't worry, show your kitten a lot of love and those meows will calm down and she'll probably bond with you very nicely.
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My Keeba was a little stray baby when we found him. He cried nonstop for like the first week we had him. He wanted to be held 24/7 lol I put him in a carrier the first week we had him during the night and i had to sleep with my fingers through the holes of it or he would keep us up all night crying lol

And then poof he stopped meowing all together. He would not meow ever at all.

I love really vocal kitties so I have gotten him to meow a bit more now lol

It could be she is just nervous about a new enviroment and wonderign where all the other kitties are too lol I am sure she will stop after she relaxes more.
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Bless her heart! I just wonder tho, are you feeding her the same food she had before you got her? If she isn't eating much of what you offer her, try changing flavor or brands or try mixing some KMR in with her food. At 8 or 9 weeks, she should still get her milk.
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yea, some cats are just more vocal than others...

Berach and Chloe rarely make any noise but Bea is a blabber-mouth!
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When I got my Chloe' she was 4 months old and I took her from her brothers and her mum. I bought a cheap little teddy bear that was the same size as her so she'd have something to wrestle with.

I played with her with it and she'd bite and paw at it and love it. She'd sleep with it too!

I think it really helped get her used to not having her brothers around. That and as much attention as you can give your little one.

If she isn't eating much, try enticing her with a treat, may a little tuna or small bit of chicken. She is probably a bit scared and needs comforting.
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Ugh, who would sell an 8-9 week old kitten in a pet shop? That's crazy--she is way too young!! At least she has got a caring owner now.

She is missing her litter mates, her mom... she still ought to be with them. Let her cling to you if she wants.

Try a hot water bottle for her to snuggle with. Wrap it in a towel so it's soft (and don't use really really hot water).

She's probably going to be a real nuisance until she settles down; but just be calm and consistent and she'll get the point that she's in a safe place and the big person nearby is a source of pets and food! I mean--pretty obvious, right? You'd be scared too if you got dragged away from your siblings and homed with somebody who was a hundred times bigger than you!

At 8 weeks, she's too old for baby kitty formula, but she might like some in a bowl, as a treat. That should help get her appetite up, at least.

Vet check is recommended. Anybody who'd sell a kitten that young doesn't make me feel very good about how they'd care for it.
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