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Guilty cat?

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My workmate told me a very strange true story.

She told about her brothers cat. One day her brothers child ( 3 years old boy) did follow the cat and get lost in the forest. When child finally was found, he told his parents that he was follow the cat and couldn't get home.

After that, child's father got a gun and shoot the cat! Because in their opinion, the cat was done it on purpose! They were sure the cat was very mean and tempted the child in forest on purpose.

My workmate was that mind too.
I tried to say her, that it can't be cats fault if parents doesn't look after their own child! But my workmate was so sure that the cat was guilty and it was right to kill it.

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That is a strange story! Thank you for sharing it

A cat wouldn't do that on purpose, the cat probably just wanted to go in the woods & the child happened to follow... But the cat can't be guilty - that cat seemed to be curious.
Never heard of a story like that before...
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Why on earth would a cat tempt someone into the woods? They don't have the right reasoning to think 'Oh man, I don't like this person. I'm going to make them follow me and get them lost.' I think all they want is someone/something to blame other than themselves.
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That poor kitty!
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that's terrible.
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The cat was probably hunting a mouse or something, it is natural for a child to follow a cat or dog, children love pets. They love pets and want to be with them because pets are cute and lovable, pets don't do things like that on purpose.

Your story reminds me of how I dislike humans and LOVE my cats.
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The ignorance of such people is just beyond belief.
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That is why you keep an eye on the kid. What if the kid had followed a butterfly? Just nonsense. It is the parents job to watch their baby...
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that's ridiculous. it's not the cat's fault the parents weren't doing their job. did they get into trouble for killing the cat?
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It sounds like the parents were religious nuts who thought animals were souless devils!

People like that should NOT have pets OR guns
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Maybe there's a bit of a culture difference and still a slight hold on some folk beliefs? If it were is a smaller town/more rural area anyways.
Sort of how even people in America get rid of their cats because they believe it will hurt their babies, steal it's breath - etc.

Not an excuse for what the people did, but something I'm kind of curious about.
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poor kitty...dumb people.
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Originally Posted by ixi View Post
that's ridiculous. it's not the cat's fault the parents weren't doing their job. did they get into trouble for killing the cat?
I dont think they get any trouble for killing the cat.
Here in Finland is two legal way to kill your own pet. One is when the vet is doing it and another is by shooting. But you have to have license to carry a gun.

Any other way it's illegal.
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Originally Posted by ExoticBabee View Post
poor kitty...dumb people.
What is wrong with people?
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