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Worm has been a whiner since the first day he came home with me. Now i'm not sure why he does all this whining. His food bowl is always full, access to fresh water at all times, litter box always clean. It drives me crazy at times. He will run around the house just whining/talking/crying whichever it is being called at the moment.

Does anybody else have a cat that does this? I was hoping he would grow out of it after a few weeks, i figured it was just a kitten thing.

I'm starting to think he is part Siamese, when he was brought into the emergency vet office i work at he came with his sister who looked like a Tabby/Siamese mix and she had blue eyes. If he does have Siamese in him could that be the reason he just runs around "talking"? I do know Siamese cats are talkers. Any thoughts would be awesome.
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Ferris trills almost continually, except when eating. I used to ask him what he wanted all the time, now I just trill back at him!
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Sylvie and isabel both talk constantly.
Sylvie just wants you to talk back to her, she likes to converse.
Isabel is a whiner, I call her princess, because if she doesn't get what she wants or something is not where she wants it, you will hear about it!
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Hennessy talks all the time, usually demanding attention or announcing to his 'rapt audience' that he is leaving the room now/entering the room now/hungry/bored/etc.
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Yep, cats with siamese/oriental are more talkative then most cats. Be happy you have one that likes talking. At least you know where he is
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My cat talks ALL the time. She is an adult. Just part of who she is
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Originally Posted by Forensic View Post
Hennessy talks all the time, usually demanding attention or announcing to his 'rapt audience' that he is leaving the room now/entering the room now/hungry/bored/etc.
Sounds just like my cat!!
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My Mom had a Siamese who talked a lot. I have Butzie who is not a Siamese and she talks even more. Mom says it is because I talk so much. Who, me? Meow! Anyway, my birds all talk "people talk" and they sound like me. I really want Butzie to meow and not say, "What a big, pretty budgie!"
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One of my cats, Sofia, part dsh, part bombay, is a talker and a whiner...also demands a ton of attention.

My other cat, Keef, part dsh, part Maine Coon (per my vet), rarely makes a sound and if she does it is a chirp or trill - even her bird on the balcony chatters are mostly silent.

I used to have a 100% dsh (had her nearly 21 yrs) and she was a talker from day one to the day she passed even though she had long since gone deaf.

With a talker you will always know their mood and where they are...
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It is true that some breeds are more vocal then others, but often it is just the kitty's personality, or should I say cat-sonality! Maia is a short hair black and silver tabby , mom was long hair tabby and dad was short hair calico, basically my little domestic tabby who talks beyond belief sometimes! Sometimes she whines, a pitiful cry for acknowledgment........ but often just wants to say hello, reassure her authority by starting a conversation with me! Of course I more then likely encouraged this by talking to her constantly since she was a kit-tot!
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Worm is a lovebug and constantly wants attention but i did post a video of his "whining" in the cat pics/videos but heres the link to that....

thought u would all like to see it, kinda funnie cause he doesnt stop and now his new thing lately close can i get to you. Can i get into your hoodie if you let me?? hes to much, i'm not use to such affectionate male cats i've only had female cats my whole life.
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