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Love the new smilies

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Just wanted to say thanks Blue for finding them and thanks Anne for setting them up for us.

they are great!
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Blue; Wish I could think of something to do to make you work this Moderator gig. . . .Maybe I could load my post with expletives and you would have to edit it out.. . . Just kidding! I think it looks great to see your name over in the right hand column. Meaning: I'm Blue, I'm a member of the "Mod Squad" and this is MY forum! (rock on. . . . . . . .
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Colby -

i'm glad you like them, and everyone else as well

and threeleggedkat; very funny! i have this forum,
the new poetry/prose forum, and maybe the Lounge as well,
i should be pretty busy with it all

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I'm new to message boards and to smilies. They are great! I am laughing. :laughing: This is so much fun!

[Edited by Lucy Cat on 05-11-2001 at 06:11 PM]
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[That's "Blue" and "Anne"!]

Thanks a bunch, you two, for the new emoticons!

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Mr. Cat; Why is there a blank (three-dimenional looking) white square above your signature quote? Where is the usual tail wagging orange tabby that is supposed to be there? Is he out of town or gone on break or what????
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I don't know why the cat isn't there. I noticed, today, that not only is the cat not present but neither is the image I'd posted in the "Celebrity Cats" thread. They're stored at Virtue.Nu, so my guess is there's something amiss at that web site. I'm hoping it's a temporary situation!


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