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Ive taken on 2 more kittens - need some ideas

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Hi, not sure if you remember me but I joined a while back when I took on 2 'teenage' kittens after they had been kept in a dog crate for a while as the ladies kids didnt get on with them.
Heres a pic of them as I didnt get around to it before. Elvis is the black one, Jackson is the black and white

We then took on another cat, he came from someone my partner worked with as she said he wasnt getting the attention he needed, it took him a while to settle but is now part of the family, His name is Ringo. (im not sure on his colour)

Then last week I got a call from a friend, her friend had 2 kittens born to her farm cat and she was worried they werent being looked after as they should so asked if I would take them on. As im not working now I said we could as ive got the time. They came with a bag of dried food and was told they were weaned onto that. It turns out the poor babies arent weaned at all, they wont eat the dried food and didnt eat anything for 4 days. They went to the vets and got the all clear, were wormed and we came back with various foods to try, none of which they liked. On Sunday we went to get the dog food and got offered a 'free tasting session' so took them back up there. They will eat a certain cat meat which is meant for adult cats. I can also get them to eat cooked chicken, canned tuna and chicken or lamb raw mince. The trouble is they get bored so I cannot feed them one type of food. They were drinking alot of milk up until this morning where they refused it, not sure why if its just they dont want milk any longer, or whether its because my partner made it and he doesnt make it as good! lol They also miss their mum like made, spend hours meowing, and the only way we can get them to sleep at night is to give them a fake fur bodywarmer that has been in the dryer for a while so its warm. They are slowly putting weight on as they are incredibly skinny, I was just wondering if anyone has any ideas to get them to eat a bit more. Heres a pic of them, Lionel is the fluffy white and black and Jamelia (99% sure she female) is the black. They were born on the 13th August

The other problems we have with them is they havent been handled, and dont appreciate it much! I have sat for about an hour trying to get them to come and play but they just sit and look at me as if im mad! someone suggested picking them up and then when they start wriggling to put them back down so they associate being picked up as something nice but now they just start wriggling as soon as I pick them up - any ideas on what to do? Elvis is my other problem with them, he has taken over roll of mum and adores them, just a bit too much. He washes them and takes them food (normally dried food that they dont like!), but he also tries to pick them up and move them about. They are obviously too heavy for him to carry and they end up screaming at him which he takes no notice of, instead carries on trying to move them. They are never left unattended together, the 2 newbies are currently camping in the bathroom when we go out and at night, but they are starting to hide during the day away from him and Ive started shutting him away for short periods to allow them a bit of time away from him, but that makes him worse as he's more determined to do it when he's let out!lol

Sorry for the long post, any help gratefully received!
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The one that you didn't know the color is a handsome brown classic tabby and white

How old are the kittens? They don't have to be drinking milk after 6-8 weeks old - they should be started on kitten food with maybe some KMR mixed in for a week or so. Cow's milk is bad for kittens.

And young kittens would rather run and play then to be held. But you have to handle them every day for short periods of time. As far as wanting out, unless you are there to supervise they should be confined for their safety till about 5-6 months old.
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