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injured cat

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Hi my cat was unfortunately hit by a car, she has a dislocated tail and a shattered hind leg. She was seen immediately by the vet and felt that with a leg amputation she would be fine, but over the next 2 days of watching her she was unable to move her tail, urinate and had no anal tone. With high doses of anti-inflammitories she is now urinating and her bowels are moving on their own. Skittles is only 2 years old and otherwise healthy and happy. She is active, eating and purring up a storm, today they plan to amputate her leg and we hope that some movement of her tail will return over the next few months.
i have a couple of concerns, the vet has assured me that cats adapt to 3 legs very well, I am worried that bowel or bladder funtion would deteriorate or is it safe to bet that when it came back so quick it should continute fine and will a non moving tail cause problems with her getting around, i am sure it will be hard enough with just 3 legs.
Does anyone know how well a cat will adjust to becoming an indoor only animal, she was also outside and luved to be a neighbourhood mouser, will she eventually be happy inside too?

I would luv to hear any similar experiences people have so I can have a better idea what to expect.

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We haven't had this particular experience but we just wanted to say we hope your cat is going to have a successful surgery & speedy recovery

Hope someone can share a similar experience. Update us all on how she is doing
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Wishing your cat a safe surgary and speedy recovery. I am sure that you will hear from many folks here who adopt strays and ferals and they adapt well to being indoor only cats. Certainly, it should give her the chance to live a long and happy life. You can always train her to wear a harness and take walks with her!
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I have two friends who between them have made 3 previously outdoor cats indoor only. They are all very happy indoors and never try to get out. So it is possible she will be happy indoors but all cats are different...

I hope your kitty does well after her surgery!
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Poor baby! I'm sorry you both are going thru this. I can't offer much advice, but hopefully the threads below can give you some insight. In my opinion, if she is doing ok on the anti inflammatories, her tail should be ok...but it may take a long time for it to completely heal. that everything turns out well!


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