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Toy obsessions

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Pete's obsession with the turbo-scratcher continues. We've always had at least one, two for a while before I gave it away when a foster kitty got adopted. Anyway, Pete's had spirts of playing with it for as long as I've had him, but has been completely obsessed with it lately, as evidence by the recent pics I posted. He plays with it at all hours, sleeps on it, etc... and won't let the girls near it. Last night, I was laying in bed reading with Pete curled up next to me, when I heard the ball rolling around in the other room. Pete heard it too and bolted out of bed faster than I'd ever seen him move. It was Claire playing with HIS turbo-scratcher. They had a bit of showdown before Claire backed off and Pete laid down on top of the turbo-scratcher to protect his beloved toy.

Anybody else's kitty obsessed with a particular toy?
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Raven's obsessed with his yellow yarn poof and his Crusty Purple Puffball. The purple one is also a yarn poof, but is "crusty" from being played with so often. He loves it so much I couldn't throw it away. He carries them around and will leave them at the front door when we're gone at work sometimes. I call it an "offering to the cat gods" so we will come home early. And he loves his catnip bananas. He gets very upset if I pick them up to vacuum and forget to put them back down.

Stimpy loves his yellow and pink mousies. He also scratches on one particular scratching post several times a day. He usually scratches on it, then has a total freak out. LOL!
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Riley just got one of the cubes last week http://www.noahsarkanimalclinic.com/...ng_in_cube.jpg and he is OBSESSED with it

He spends all his free time playing in it, he carries his toys in it to play with, he scoots and rolls it all around the house chasing stuff. He likes to push it next to the turbo scratcher and then goes crazy trying to reach through the hole to roll the ball around

His favorite thing however, is trying to "get" his toys through the solid wall side of it, when ends with him scooting all over the room in it, pushing the toy along in front Its insanely cute, I should get it on video lol
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Trout is simply obsessed with foam balls...they are not too exciting, but she would die without them
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When my vets office had an open house I picked up a mousie as its had the word Cosequin on it. Both Bakker and Bobber just love it!!!!! I find that mousie all over the house!!
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Ferris is obsessed with the wand toy that makes chirping noises - he is really sad right now because the battery is almost dead and now the birdies sound really far away.

Ginger's favorite toy is still her tail - lately she has been chasing and chasing that thing - she really should start thinking about acting more dignified, after all, she is over 2 years old, now.

And Penny, well, I think Ferris is Penny's favorite toy at the moment...
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The only obsession Lucky has is , she has to have the toy, the dog is playing with, it just won't do unless it is hanging, out of Sophie's mouth .
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My girl plays with the little rabbit fur mice. She carries them all over the house and brings them to bed with us at night. . .
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Both my girls are obsessed with my spray bottle I use for wetting my hair when I'm styling it. If you go even near or in the direction of the bathroom, Mooch goes running in front of you meowing for you to spray it. Once Noodles hears you actually spraying, she too comes running and goes crazy over the water!
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