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rescue kittens

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About a month ago I rescued 2, 5 week old kittens off the side of the road. They were really skinny and weighed about 11 oz. They are doing alot better now and love people. The only problem is that when I feed them they just attack their food and eat until it is gone. I want them to just eat when they are hungry and I have tried to just put out food but they will eat till they throw it up and then more. I can't keep them and I am going to give them to one of my friends who wants them for barn cats or I wouldn't mind. Does anyone have a suggestion about how to start them on a free feed program?
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Hmmm, I have never had this problem. Maybe if you feed them several small meals throughout the day they will get used to the idea that food will be available and not feel as though they might be getting their last meal.
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I have had them for a month and I feed them 3 times a day. I have tried to keep feeding them more thinking that after they are full they will quit eating but no they eat and lick the floor around their bowls till they are sure there is no food left anywhere. Also I have to put them in a cage before I can put food in their bowls because if I don't they will climb my leg trying to get to the food even if I have shorts on. I don't know what to do with them.
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Well they're still pretty young, maybe this is something that they will just have to outgrow. I'm sorry I don't know what else to suggest. Maybe somebody else will have an idea.
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Rescue cats will sometimes do this because they never know when their next meal will be. They will gorge themselves in case they don't find another for some time. We had several do this for a few months until they realized food was always available. You might try free feeding for a bit until they seem to calm their eating down.
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Do you think that it would hurt them if I just tried feeding them all they wanted until they left some? when I try to give them alittle more than I think they should have they eat until they throw some up and then re-eat it and finish. I appreciate all of the replys.
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I have had this a lot with fosters, I prefer splitting their meals into 2 small ones, and a time between, to stop them being sick. Good luck with them, it might take them a while to realise though.
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Okay I will try that thanks everyone for you helpful hints.
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