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Question of the Day - October 11th

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Let's see here.....

do you decorate your yard/house for Halloween?
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No it's not a thing we do here in the UK?. The kids get dressed up though on the night.

I can't wait to see what little Dylan next door wears this year, because he was a pumpkin last year and looked so cute!!
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I usually decorate our apartment, but since we don't have one this year... I will have to wait til next year!
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We aren't into the whole halloween thing except for buying ourselves a pumpkin & sticking our hands into the slimy pulp, & then carving a cool picture into it. We don't even decorate for Christmas
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yes, I do it!...I try to put picĀ“s on weekend!
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Well David decorates outside and I decorate inside...We don't decorate with scary Halloween though
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I haven't got a couple of years...really since B and I moved in together. Our first apartment was so small that I had to get rid of everything.

After that I just never had time. I'm hoping to get a pumpkin this year though...I'm waiting another week though so that it doesn't rot before Halloween.
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Do the spiderwebs we haven't dealt with count?
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Nope. I dont see why since you just have to take it down in a couple days anyway!
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My mom would put up some cute halloween stuff...but I doubt me and my roommates will be doing any decorating
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I should take a pic of this house in my mom's neighborhood, they really go all out!!! I read somewhere that people in the US spend a couple million on Halloween decs and stuff.... I don't decorate for anything cause I have so many cats, that'd be just futile
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Not really. There's currently a plastic ghost sitting outside the house but that's about it. More stuff might go up the closer it gets to Halloween, but probably not very much.
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We barely decorate we sit a metal jack-o-lantern out on the front step with a tea light in it. Not many kids around here
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Yup!! I love to decorate!!
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No, I am a complete party pooper when it comes to decorating for any holiday.
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Nope, I am a bah humbug
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I decorate more for Fall than Halloween. I do have a few Halloween decorations out and will light a few Jack-O-Lanterns on Halloween.
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We have good intentions. Maybe next year. We just moved last year and Halloween decorations on the lawn are not at the top of the list
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No. Coco is sacred of halloween decoractions & Macey eats them.
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Nope but I should.
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Nope. But we don't do Halloween anyway. And if we did decorate, chances are it would just invite the neighbohrood pranksters into our yard in the middle of the night.

I do have some painted pumpkins in the house and Indian Corn and what not. I painted Mooch and Noodles on one pumpkin and I'm going to put DH and I on the other. I can't wait to have a house where I can decorate for Harvest and Christmas and oh I'll probably do Easter too!
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No, I don't even have Halloween decorations!
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Not much. We do one jack-o-lantern for the front steps. I picked up the pumpkin the other day. On the 30th, I'll draw a face, and Rob will do the carving. And that's it. We don't get very many kids at Hallowe'en anyway.
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Originally Posted by gemlady View Post
Do the spiderwebs we haven't dealt with count?
That's a good questionI have some of those.

I have a scarecrow that I sit in a lawn chair on my deck. He is more funny then scary looking thought.
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I'm not big on skulls/bloody displays and things like that- but i do love putting out a few pumpkin/fall color decorations! I got some stuff recently to make a cute arrangement for fall to go on our table, and i have a little stuffed turkey sitting on my counter

As far as halloween goes though- i really do love putting out pumpkins/scarecrows (friendly looking halloween stuff!)
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I was all set to do something this year since at our old house if we did anything the stuff'd be stolen, but here it'd be fine. But alas, me thinks that another year will go by until I actually start getting stuff like that together and putting it out.
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