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Vet today --> what to expect

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Hi Everyone,

I posted a couple days ago about my 7 year old female and I'm taking her to the vet today which is good because she still hasn't gotten better. She stopped eating anything but treats about a week ago and now I can't get her to eat those even......she seems to be still drinking. I looked her in a room by herself with pan, food and water in an attempt of getting a stool sample (I have another cat). However it's been almost 2 days of them being seperated and she hasn't gone poo, probably because she isn't eating almost anything.

Her only other symptom is lethargy. She doesn't play and she is hiding a lot, (also a bit of weight loss) I checked her temp. and for dehydration, and probed her belly a bit while I was petting her and nothing seemed to bother her.

Since she hasn't been going to the bathroom does that mean it probably isn't worms??? She hasn't had any signs except the stopping eating and dropping some weight. She is indoors only, but I've only had her 2 months.

What do you think the vet will do?? A physical exam and I'm betting on some bloodwork.....I hope not X-rays..........but I dont know what to do/tell the vet/what to expect is reasonable for this, I guess it's kind of hard to say because her symptoms are so vague, I'm just so tired of being worried............
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I don't have any advice, but I'm sending lots of vibes for your kitty! I hope everything goes ok.
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Hi - Cats can stop eating for a number of reasons so it's hard to tell. Glad you are getting her to the vet. At least she is drinking. When all else fails with the cat foods, sometimes they will eat a little bit of tuna or drink the juice. You may want to try that. Try not to worry... sometimes it's something minor. I know... easier said then done right Good luck... send us an update after her appt.

FYI - no big deal about the poo... it's only been a few days, and like you sais she's not eating. I just went thru this with my female.. it had been almost a week! The urination is what is crucial.
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Well that gives me hope........she is def. still drinking and urinating. I'll update tonight post-vet
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