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Kittens @ 7wks - bad news about Ziggy.

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The kittens were 7 weeks old on Monday. They are all doing well - a very lively bunch and into everything at the moment.

Unfortunately Ziggy still has a bad eye (has worsened since the pics), it started about 4 weeks ago and since then we've been to the vets 4 times with him. He's had 3 different types of eye antibiotics, oral antibiotics, had swabs taken and yesterday he had the 1st of his flu jabs, which the vet said may help, but unlikely, so looks likely he'll lose that eye. I'm so upset, this seems so unfair as to why this has happened. The only thing we can think of is that when the kittens were coming upto 2 weeks old Pixie (mum) was unwell, hardly feeding the kittens, sneezing, diarreah etc... the vet thinks she may have had a mild form of cat flu and passed it onto Ziggy. Vet also said that we are lucky that he doesn't have it in both eyes and that none of the other kittens are affected (they only had slighly watery eyes but cleared up quickly). We will be getting Pixie vacinated asap also. We will probably be keeping Ziggy now, we would of course like to keep them all but already have 4 cats but after everything he, and we have been through we're pretty sure he's a keeper. It's just such a shame that the eye cannot be rescued, he's such a pretty little thing!

Anyway here are the pics;

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Poor Ziggy. We had to remove the eye of one of the kittens in our rescue. Her eye looked alot like Ziggys. Did the vet say anything about removing it? We just had OneEyed Kitties (yep thats her name LOL) eye removed when she was spayed because stuff kept getting in it aand it was awful.

All the kittens are totally adorable!
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Ohhhhh myyyy goodness look at all those cute little babies!

I hope you can get Ziggy's eye taken care of.
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Sorry to hear about Ziggy's eye.
Aside from that sadness, your babies look SO happy and healthy. They look well loved and content. Thats the best kind of cat there is!
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Aww sorry to hear about Ziggys eye We hope he has a successful surgery & speedy recovery

All those kittens are so adorable! Please share more photos with us when you have the chance!

Update us on Ziggys progress! For Ziggy!!
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They are soooo cute, OMG! You are really lucky, I had a sick pregnant foster and all the kitens died, she had a bad URI. So you did amazing with them, and Ziggy is still a little doll. What a cute litter!
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Bless his little heart.
Sending and Prayers for Ziggy.
They're all adorable, but since I have a "thing" for orange cats they're my favorite.
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aww bless his little heart!
Very cute babies!
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poor little Ziggy, I just love that little one in the back and white suit
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Poor Ziggy!!! I can't believe it. I'm glad your keeping him though. It'll be hard to find someone who will accept and appreciate him for who he is.

Your kitties are soo sweet, and looking at them I can see that 3 of mine are definately long-haired. Your look all cute and fuzzy.
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awww poor baby boy..he is still going to be a great looking cat..his markings are very cool
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Aww... poor Ziggy will be OK... I bet somebody will adopt just 'cause they like the piratey look!
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Poor little Ziggy. He's got the same bright face that my Blossom's got. That's how she got her name. It reminded me of a flower. I hope his eye gets better soon.
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Have they tried terramyacin eye ointment...I had a kitten with the exact same looking eye...almost like the membranes in her eye were swollen...the normal antibiotic creams were making it worse because of the steroids in would be worth a try if you haven't tried it.

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