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Pregnant cat possibly in labor?

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ok, i've been watching my friend's pregnant cat shadow, and we have no clue how far along she is, but she's most definately pregnant. she's showing all the signs of being in labor, but nothing. she's got a constant purring going on, she's not interested in food, she's letting me touch her stomach, which she didn't let me do before, she was roaming the house the other night, and she breathing fast. this all started at 11:30pm and it's now 4:30am. i've never had a pregnant cat before, is she actually in labor? does it last this long? help!
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Have you noticed any discharge?
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We had a pregnant cat Spooky, she showed no signs the books said she would. Her water broke & hours later out came the kittens. All pregnancies are different with each should be able to tell when its time. Spooky went to where she wanted to have the babies & had them within 4 hours.

If you are there for the birth, make sure placentas come out with each kitten because a placenta left in your cat could cause infection. We had to assist Spooky with removing a stillborn & the 3rd kitten from her birth canal too. Most pregnancies go well but sometimes they don't, just make sure to watch Shadow closely. Spooky got really tired & if we didn't help her, she would of been in trouble.

If you need anything else, we are all hear for you
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well nothing has happened yet. she left her little box today. i havent noticed any discharge. she isn't purring anymore. when i put my hands around her stomach, i can feel the kittens moving. and if i look long enough i can see them too.
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She needs to be confined to a small room or a crate with some comfy, quiet and secluded places for her to have these babies. Just do this and leave her alone and she will probably have them. Leave whatever kitten food you are feeding her in the room so she can free feed as often as she wants, along with her water and litterbox.

Good luck.
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Back in about August my boyfriend and I noticed a stray cat roaming around my grandmother's garage sale...I had see the cat before back in march-mayish...she was nursing..i believe towards the end of it. The apt housing complex next to my granmother's and parents house(they live next to each other) is infamous for getting pets and letting them roam the city. Well, we had one cat at home and we decided to take this cat, now named honey, in. After a few weeks we noticed her very skinny frame getting bigger...low and behold we figured got preg right before we grabbed her off the streets. Well, I kept a watchful eye on her. We just randomly picked her up so we didnt have a clue how far she was. She is a decently cuddly cat but we noticed one VERY EARLY morning she was being WAY TO CUDDLY by trying to get into bed with us. I moved her down towards my feet so we could all be comfortable...well guess what. Not a min after I did that, my leg was SOAKING!! I was so mad I thought she had peed the bed(I was really tired) Then I flew out of bed, flipped on the light....tada kitty in labor...I tried to stay awake the whole time to give her support but it was 5am and I had to work at 3(needless to say i pretty much just went to bed). I stayed awake long enough for two kittens then passed back out. The screams she sounded so painful!!! I woke up every so often to check on her. When I finally did get up we had six beautiful babies: 3 boys and 3 girls.
Everyone at work loved hearing my story about how my cat's water broke on my leg, but believe you me...I washed that leg right away!
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she still hasn't given birth. i thought she was in labor again last night cuz she was all lovey and when i put her in her box, she was constantly licking herself and i could really see the kittens move. i've been trying to talk to my friend, her owner, to see how she acted the first time she gave birth, but she's been no help. i moved, or tried moving her up into my room in a little enclosed area with food, water, litter box, and the box i have for her but she doesnt like it. i just dont know what to do with a pregnant cat.
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this is shadow, thought ya'll might like to see her.

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She is a pretty girl!
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yea, she's gorgeous. you cant tell she's pregnant in any of the pics i tried taking of her.
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well i brought shadow up in my room last night (where i have the lil area for her set up) and she slept in here. it's now like 4:30pm and she's still in here and not running towards the door everytime i go to leave. i just want to thank everyone for all the help. hopefully she has her kittens soon. the sooner she does, the sooner she gets to go home. i'll keep everyone updated. but now im off to work. bye!
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So, will she be going back to your friend once the kittens are born? How come you are looking after her?
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I was wondering the same thing . . . Are you only watching her while she is pregnant?? What about the kittens after??/
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we've got kittens! i got woken up at 6:45 this morning to her meowing constantly and realized she was leaking all over the place cause she wanted out of my room. so far there are two, a lil black one and a calico.

she will be going back to my friend after she can be away from the kittens. it'll be up to me to find homes for them. she's here because she recently move to an apartment and her cat was still at her parents house. and her mom recently passed away leaving shadow alone with her dad. since she couldn't take her cat to her apartment pregnant, i offered to "foster" her until the kittens could be away from her. it was either she came here, or had her kittens outside, or inside and then probably killed by her dad.
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there's a third one! looks like a black or dark gray. it's lighter than the black one. so exicted!!
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ok. now there's 4! the third one is a gray with some light orange mixed in. and the fourth is a black and white one. looks just like mom. and i can feel at least one more in her
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How exciting! Make sure to get some pics to share with us
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oh absolutely! i've been taking lots and lots of pics. lol. ill probably post em tonight when i get home from work. that 5th one still hasn't come out..
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I'm so glad for you!!! The grey with mixed orange is probably female, so you can sex the others from her. She's probably a dilute tortie if sh'e grey, but if she turns out brown/black then a regular tortie.

Can't wait for pictures!!! How many were there in the end?
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Congrats on the kitties!!! Can't wait to see pictures!!!!

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there are four kittens. i could of sworn i felt another kitten in there tho.

ok, here's an overall pic

here's the first one, the solid black one i think it's a boy. he came out backwards.

here's the second one, the mostly white calico which is obviously a girl. lol

the third one, the gray with light orange mixed in i think is a girl too.

and the fourth one, black and white. i think it's a boy, he was backwards too. this is the one i had to break out of the sac myself.

and here's all of them together
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wow those pics are big. sorry they arent so clear, they wouldn't hold still! lol
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Oh they are so cute. I love their little scrunched up faces. I think the calico is my favourite. Is your friend going to name them or are you?
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Aw, how cute!
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my friend didn't name the ones from her first litter, i did. but then again i have the 3 from that litter. i doubt she will. im hesitant on naming them, because then i wont want them to leave. i get attached very easily. but in the other litter, there are 2 calicos and my mom wants me to find different homes for them. so i dont know whats going to happen yet.
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Beautiful mom & babies. They look to be really good size. It's SOOO hard to get unblurry pics of babies that small isn't it?

Also, I've heard several times here where someone thought there was a kitten still in the mom and it was actually the uterus. But if there are any signs she's still in labor, of course ask a vet.
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im glad the labour went well. they are lovely.
just one thing though , please dont use a flash untill there older , the flash can hurt there eyes, even if there not open yet .
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Originally Posted by XxtashaxX View Post
im glad the labour went well. they are lovely.
just one thing though , please dont use a flash untill there older , the flash can hurt there eyes, even if there not open yet .
the camera i used doesnt have a flash on it. it was a web cam. the one pic that looks like there was a flashed used was the light in my room, between that, the crappy camera, and the cat being mostly white. that's how it turned out.
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