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Yeast infection--in her ears?

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Couple of days ago, Baby went to the vet for her boosters. The vet checked her ears because last time, she had ear mites. Turns out the mites were gone--but now she has a yeast infection in her ears. The earwax is all dark and there's way more of it than there should be; and she's been scratching occasionally--less than before the ear mite treatment, but still scratching.

Anyhow, poor Baby has to get ear drops twice daily now, and she hates hates hates them! I have to wrap her in a towel and clean her ears and then give her the drops, and she mews as though I had betrayed her... it's heartbreaking. I try to get it over with as soon as possible.

I'm using tissues to clean her ears with; cotton balls shed little bits and I don't want said bits of cotton in her ears.

On top of that, the ear drops have to be kept below 70 degrees--so no warming them up to make it at least a little bearable.

How can I make it easier on Baby? Any suggestions? I feel sooo sorry for her...

Also, could this have anything to do with the fact that she lived with chain smokers before, so bad that her fur smelled like smoke when I got her? I mean, I don't particularly mind if people smoke, but if they do it in a house with three kids, one of whom has asthma, not to mention a bunch of cats and a dog... Not fair!
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I don't have any suggestions on how to make it easier than warming them up a bit so they are not such a shock.

My dog had a lot of problems with yeast infections in his ears when we first got him. My vet claims that some animals are just more prone to them than others. She suggested a higher quality of diet to keep his system healthy to ward off recurrance. I doubt this has anything to do with chain smokers.
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I've never had to put drops in a cat's ears so I have no suggestions. Here are some hugs and positive thoughts for Baby and you.

Give Baby a hug and a nice treat when she's a good girl and lets you put drops in her ears.
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Well, right now I am not refrigerating the drops--I'm keeping the house at 65 degrees instead! Way better than putting ear drops in at fridge temperature of 40 degrees or so. *shiver* She'd probably tear me to bits if I did that, and rightly so.
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a treat before and after each drop? haha...that's how I got Luna to let me clip her nails (and maybe what started her on her snowball effect weight gain...) but i definately will send some to Baby and hope she gets better soon!

Oh, my vet told me (and I"ve heard it on this forum too) to feed my kitten L-Lysine when I adopted him to keep his immune system up and fight off the minor resp. infection he had. (I am glad the bottle was big, since I might have to do that again. ) So I dunno if this would help your kitty as far as keeping her immune system up....
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I wish I had some good advice. Stimpy had an ear infection the year we adopted him. He HATES eardrops. We just had to tough it out. If it makes you feel better, his didn't come back.
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i don't think it has anything to do w/smoke - Firefox had the same thing, & she had been living outside. the vet had checked her for ear mites when i first brought her in, & she didn't have them. but the wax was just incredible - so about 2 months later, i asked about it. they checked & told me it was yeast. hers cleared up really quickly, too!
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watch the diet ... yeast likes corn wheat and soy ....

YES SMOKERS could have helped the problem... remember second hand smoke is bad for a HUMAN about 20 times a cats size ....
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Oh, poor baby I had to do this with Bella and she made the most pitiful little meows when I picked her up to do it...also watch out for the shake!! The first couple of times I didn't hold her ear flap down and she sprayed me all over with ear drops

I do think it has something to do with diet.
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Awww, I feel for you and Baby and hope the infection clears up soon. Claire had a yeast infection in her left ear early in the summer and we did the drops 2x/day for two weeks, which she hated. Cleared up the infection, though, and there haven't been any recurrences. Still not sure what caused the infection. No smokers, good diet and it's the first and only yeast infection she's had in almost 2 years with me.
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Been there, done that!! My older cat, Callie, has had several yeast infections in her ears. The vet seems to think that they are triggered by allergies. I've done the drops, cleaning the ears out, and all that stuff. The only thing I've found that truly cured Callie's yeast infection was when the vet flushed her ears out with some solution, then put this icky goopy medicine in her ears. She HATED it and her little ears were so red from them having to hold her ears to thoroughly clean out her ears that when she got her teeth cleaned, I told them to do it then.

Then, I started giving her L-Lysine daily and she's not had another one since. Last month was the one year anniversary of having no ear infections!!

If you want to know the name of the medicine the doctor used in her ears, PM me and I'll look through her medical records. I'm just extremely exhausted right now and my brain's not working right.

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Last day of treatment. Baby has gotten used to being towel-burrito'd, and twice I was even able to do it without the towel. What a brave little cat!

Her ears are looking great--no more gook, and no more pinkness (which I assume is a sign of irritation). She washes her ears a lot, but I guess that's because she has eardrops in her ears and doesn't like the feeling.

Let's hope that recovery holds after the eardrops have stopped!
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