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Cats stolen while breeder not home

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This just came across my desk:

The woman is a long time CFA judge and used to be the breed project editor for Cat Fancy. She had her beautiful cats stolen!

Cross posting:

I arrived home after judging in Denver this weekend to an essentially empty
house. All cats were missing except 2 kittens with eye problems that were
obviously not saleable and 2 timid females who hide when strangers are in the
house. In addition to my Aby grand, Karnak, they took a pregnant female and 2
females with kittens as young as one week. Also 4 show quality kittens.

The thieves brought their own carriers and either had a copy of my door key
or picked the lock. There was no forceable entry.

Please keep your eyes and ears open for anything that doesn't sound right in
the way of an Aby offered for sale. If anybody has specific information about
the ring that was stealing Bengals a few months ago in the Hemet area, I
would appreciate you contacting me so I can give that information to the
police. I will check e-mail periodically. My phone is 949-363-8703.

Any help you can give will be greatly appreciated. This is like a sword in my
chest to think of my beautiful babies in these hands!!!

Carolyn Osier
Wil-o-glen Abyssinians

Indoor cats are Happy Cats:
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I just can't get my mind around this!

If the thieves were cat lovers, they would NEVER take a fur baby from its home, or deprive a family from its heart and soul.

If the thieves were just in it for the money, don't they know that they can't get top dollar without all the papers and show history? The minute they try to take those cats to a cat show, other aby breeders would wonder how they could get such prime cats without being part of the show circuit.

I don't breed, but I have been to lots of cat shows. It is a really close community, lots of breeders are close friends and know each others' cats. I've actually seen seasoned breeders politely inquire newbie breeders to verify the cat's pedigree.

The only thing I can think of is that the thieves intend to backyard breed. Or a kitty mill. No papers, no registry affiliation, no shows. Ughhh!! I am sickened. Just for money. I hope they know how to take care of kitties and the newborns. I hope the babies go to loving homes real quick.
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This is being discussed actively in a newsgroup I belong to. At first it was feared this was an animal activist protest, but the fact that they left the ones who did not look healthy behind, sort of cancels that theory out. Someone knew this woman was not going to be home and proceeded to do this despicable thing!
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It would be easy to find out when she was gone since the affiliations often list whihc judges will be at the shows. Very disgusting act.
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I looked up the cattery on the net and she is located in CA. My guess is that it would be too much work for a thief to try to sell these kitties in the legitimate market with papers, so the chances of them trying to enter a show are nil.

If anyone is looking for an Aby and responds to a newspaper ad in the CA area (assuming the kitties stay local), hopefully they will notify the police if the "breeder" doesn't seem to know much about their cats.

(eg. every breeder would have a photo album of their lines, from the first kitty that they showed — and a thief wouldn't have a single snapshot.)

I sure hope Aby fanciers get the word out. This poor woman must be heart broken.
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The word is out and I also spoke with Carolyn and told her that if there is anything I can do, please let me know. Since I'm on the other coast I told her that they might try and get the cats here for shows. You can show a cat in most associations for one time without them being registered. Also, I contacted my association because she feels that they might try and register the cats (with false papers this is called "paper hanging") with other associations. She is so upset and heart broken and I can sympathize with her. I couldn't sleep last night and my husband told me this morning to call my vet and find out about having our cats chipped. My dogs are microchipped and now I'm considering doing my cats.
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Not that microchipping is a bad thing, all my cats are chipped- but if these scum stole these beautiful cats to start a backyard breeding program then the microchips aren't going to help in that situation.

I can't imagine what it would be like to come home and find your cats gone with no forceable entry and apparently no other clues either. It would be a shattering loss and a devastation beyond no other.

I hope they find these cats quickly. I feel so badly for her, which is why I pulled this out of the newsgroup and posted it here. I know many of you attend shows and judge.
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I am just heart broken for her and I wish there was something I could do. Thank you for posting this Hissy.
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I'm upgrading my alarm system!!!!
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This just came across my desk-

I just got off the phone with Carolyn Osier!! She has some of her cats back.
Appears the theives dumped some of the cats/kittens in a dog park on
Sunday/Monday. If they had been microchipped she would of been notified on
Monday! Get those kitties microchipped everyone!!! She is still missing at
least 3 cats including Karnak, the pregnant momcat, and another younger cat.
When Carolyn gets home she will post the lists with more news regarding those
recovered and those still missing. Keep those Abys in your prayers! I think
all our prayers & efforts are paying off. Now if we can just get the
remaining found!!!! Keep up the good work EVERYONE!!

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I'm so upset it even could happen! I can't emagine my cats will be somewhere but in my flat! I love them as they are my children. And to loose someone you love always hurt...
We pray for every kitty...
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Just found out that another cat was returned home tonight which means there are only 2 still at large. Continued prayers going out. I'm sure with everyone praying the others will be home shortly. I only wish that they caught the &(^(# theives.

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Oh my goodness, what a relief! I will be thinking good thoughts that ALL her babies get home safely.
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A few months back, a bengal breeder had some of hers stolen as well! Luckily they got them all back.
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I'm sending positive thoughts and prayers from thousands of miles away. I hope all the cats get home safe and sound soon. I have had two incidents of people trying to call my cats to my gate, obviously intending to steal them while a car was waiting to speed away. I now keep my cats indoors and have mesh over my door gates! It's awful, but what can we do? I haven't heard of anyone doing microchipping here yet, but will enquire more now!
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Outrageous and indefensible!! It truly boggles the mind the abyssal depths that some people will not only sink to but operate in!!
And that's putting it mildly. I just read an article by Mrs. Osier in the CATS USA annual. My heart goes out to her and I pray for the safety and the safe return of the rest of her cats. Please keep us updated.
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Its been a while but I do know the cats were found in a DOG PARK!!! I guess the theives got scared and released them there, all were found except I think one of the pregnant ones, they may have found her, this was quiet some time ago and I dont remember if all were found or not but I know the majority of them were found.
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Any updates???
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