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Buying from a breeder

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Im buying a specific breed of cat for the first time (others were always farm/shelter cats) I live in Canada and can only find them available in the US. So I want to have it air shipped.

Basically my question is how do I handle money transactions with someone I have never met, how can I be assured that I will infact be recieveing said cat, if I send money beforehand?

are there certain legalities breeders and adopters go through typically? All I can think of is cash on delivery, but im sure breeders arent to keen on that.

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When I bought my cat out of state, I used a cashier's check. That's something you would only want to do if you really trusted the breeder. I'm sure that good breeders would have references.
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alot of people do it diffrently As a breeder I Have had people pay with cash when they pick up their kitten, check (i have strict rules on that one tio protect myself) and money order, and paypal. For out of state shipping your right, a breeder will most likely want all monies paid before shipping. after all otherwise, you could get ethe cat and they would be out money (not saying you would). When you put a deposit down you should have to sign a contract, which protects you and the breeder. ect.
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I usually ask for a deposit first ( and my breeders do so also) and finalise payment upon receipt of the cat. Depends on the terms and conditions of the contract - please make SURE you HAVE a contract!
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My cats are from out of state, with the 1st one I did make the trip over to ensure all was ok with the breeder, check things out etc.

The other 2 I got from her without going in person. Everytime I had to pay deposits via bank transfer, then balance anytime before the shipping date.

You really have to put a lot of trust in the breeder if you can't make the trip, at the very least make sure they are registered with the appropriate assocation, that way if something does go wrong they may be able to assist you.
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when i got my bengal cat about a week ago, i initially had to pay a deposit in order to hold the kitten the for me. Then when we had worked out which kitten and how it was to delivered to me, the breeder sent me a contract with the remaining balance left to pay. After signing the contract, i sent it back along with the rest of the money. I personally used a money order since its like a check but the post office issues them. If your not 100% sure of the breeder try to ask if you can use paypal because i think paypal insures up to a certain amount if the item delivered is not delivered or what was described. Only problem is i heard that paypal takes 2% from the seller?? not 100% sure on the percentage so you might want to check on that.

Good luck on finding a breeder.

PS: which breed are you looking at? Oh and i almost forgot since your in Canada you might want to check out the shipping policies on live animals. ^__^
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I just did this to purchase my cat. I first did a ton of research on the breed I wanted then looked at local breeders. At the time I couldn't find any so when I came across one from out of state I asked them a ton of questions. Asked for references and check them out with the breed registrey. I used paypal for deposit, signed a written contract and then paid the balance for the kitten and the plane ride home. I had never had an animal shipped so I had the breeder walk me step by step through that process. I live an hour away from the nearest airport so I made sure I arrived early. Actually too early. I had to wait for over 3 hours but all worked out in the end. I would do it again in a heart beat. It was expensive but a piece of cake.
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A lot of breeders will use paypal now. I think it is up to $1000 paypal insures for but it may have increased by now. And I think you can pay for higher coverage. I've actually had to make a claim for reimbursement before (for things other then a cat). Paypal acts quickly when you have a claim, in my experience. That's what I would want to do if I didn't know the breeder.
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I do a lot of corresponding by phone and emails and pictures. Most breeders are ethical and you get the cat you pay for. If you are buying a pet quality it doesn't matter as much as if the cat is a show quality one.

I usually send a deposit and the balance when the cat is picked up. But you'll have to discuss the payment plan with the breeder.

If you want to PM me with the breeder/cattery and website, I'll take a look and see if its someone you want to deal with
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Recommendations and references might help you feel more secure. Also knowing their reputation in the cat community.
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