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Heated cat bed?

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Does anybody know where I can find a reasonably priced heated cat bed? I'm interested in a cat cup type, not a pad. I don't really want to spend more than $30.00. I find them all over the net, but they are so expensive!! The last one I bought was from collections ect. for $14.99, and it's still going strong. Alas, they don't carry them anymore!! Any help would be appreciated. I have a near naked cornish rex that is shivering even though she is an indoor cat.
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Have you got kitty sweaters for her?

How about a bed near the radiator?
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Originally Posted by Callista View Post
Have you got kitty sweaters for her?

How about a bed near the radiator?
It's actually for my Mom's cornish rex. She has a firebox to lay in front of, but my parents are gone 8 hours per day, so the house cools down since no one is there to load the firebox with wood during the day. We tried putting one of my cornish rex's sweaters on her, but she hated it! She jumped and bucked all over the place trying to get it off! I asked Mom if she could just wrap a regular heating pad in a towel, but the wattage is too high for Mom to feel comfortable leaving it on when no one is home. The bed that I have is 11 watts, and heating pads run around 65-100 watts. Currently my Mom's rex is burrowing under Mom's bed comforter during the day, but I know she would love a warm little bed.
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So you can't get a "safe" radiator? hmm... Okay, I'm out of ideas then. Hopefully somebody here knows where to get a good heated bed. Poor little girl--snuggle her for me, 'kay?
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How bout a heated cat pad in a cheap unheated cat bed? then, she could use it in the summer guess she could do that with a heated bed when the heat was turned off. LOL...I've never actually bought heated anything because I don't know if Luna would use it. The first bed I ever got her she never touched and I ended up giving it to my roommate's cat who LOVED IT
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I have a Sphynx. Two heated cat beds, these are a must year round for her, she loves them. I got one online I think Doctor Fosters and Smith, it was a pad type, works well. I have an enclosed cat bed and I put it in there for a warm snuggly bed. It was $30. Then I found the $60 donut bed type (at Petsmart) in a feed store for only $30. Same brand and everything.

You can also use an electric blanket or a person heating pad on a low setting for under the covers. I wouldn't feel safe about that though. There are bean bags you can heat up but in 8 hours they wouldn't be warm anymore. Cat beds are easier IMO and give the cat their own place. I think the cat might get used to the sweater with time, but a safer option would be the cat beds. Check online and local feed type stores.
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I wish Collections Etc still carried that bed. I need to get one too.

I'm going to Walgreens this weekend. I was there earlier this week and they have one of those pads that reflects heat back to the kitty for $5. It's like this bed.
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Was gonna suggest Foster & Smith, but I think they only have the heated pads. You could get a small sweater to put on your rex. My rexes had full coats and would go under the blankets if they were cold.
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i'm doing a search right now and found this one came in just under $30

only other suggestion is eBay

good luck
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This is a little more than you want to spend, but Abby highly recommends a heated perch.
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I have the heated cat cup - $49.99
I have SEVERAL of the heated pads from, large AND small sizes.
I have the $14.99 one from collections etc.

Guess which one my elderly Kitty loves? Yep, the cheapest.
I'm also Majorly bummed that the no longer carry that one. I would buy two more, because the other kids steal the collections etc one from grandma kitty during the night.
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