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I hope I did the right thing

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I just drove over to leave something at a friend's apartment, and when I came back down to my car, I saw a black-and-white cat that I've met there before. He's always been friendly in the past, but tonight he was tense and wary... and after a moment, I saw why.

On the curb a few feet away was a little brown mouse, alive and apparently unhurt, but not moving. As I watched, the cat made a move toward him, and I said, "No!" and stepped closer. The mouse slipped off the curb and down onto the parking lot -- but I saw that he was just dragging himself with his front paws. His back legs didn't work at all, and the bottoms of his back feet were up, trailing behind him.

I stood there staring at this furry little brown mouse, trying to think what to do. Evidently, the cat had already injured the mouse's spine, so the poor thing had no chance of survival. The little guy was scared to death, eyes bright and sides puffing in and out so fast... and I knew as soon as I left, the cat was going to eat the poor thing, possibly alive. I couldn't bear the thought of the little guy suffering like that.

So I got back in my car... and god help me, I ran over the mouse. I thought it would be an easier death, more merciful than to be left at the cat's mercy. I hope it was the right thing to do.

I can't stop seeing that pretty little mouse in my mind!
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You did what you thought was the humane thing to do. No shame in that.
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oh man, Carol, how awful I think you did the right thing though, no animal deserves to suffer, even if it is just "nature"
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That's a very difficult decision to make, but I think you did the right thing. Many people would have just walked away and said it wasn't any of their business, but you took responsibility for that little mouse and did what you thought was best. I'm sure if the little mouse if the little mouse could see into your heart, he/she would thank you. You couldn't avoid the fact that that mouse was going to die, but you did ensure that it didn't suffer anymore than necessary.

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Oh, I hate situations like this, but I really think you did the right thing. I wouldn't be able to bear the thought of the poor thing being tormented and eaten by that cat, but it would break my heart to end its life myself, but obviously there was no other choice. You had to make a difficult decision and in the end it was the best decision. RIP little mouse.
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Awww. You're so strong for making that decision--I couldn't do it. I swerve to avoid running over something already dead in the road. I know it is more humane, and its probably better, but I couldn't do it.
I hope you just drove off and didn't get out to get it or anything.
Don't feel bad.
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Oh I'd be upset too! A couple years ago DH's step-dad had to run over a skunk in their carport. I don't remember if they ever told us, but it was tested for rabies. It had sprayed the dogs in the backyard and would run at him and the dogs instead of going away. Once he got it out of the backyard (which is down a hill) it went up into the carport and was still acting wrong. He was soooo upset, but it was acting more weird and Animal Control wasn't able to get right there to help him. I don't know why a police officer couldn't have come, but they do live out in a rural area with a small town address. Poor Pepe!
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Man, that's a tough one. Poor mouse. Carol, it was a tough decision but I think you did the right thing. As others have said, it would have been a lot easier to just walk away and leave it to suffer. Now you don't have to be haunted by those pitiful eyes.
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Oh Carol, i couldn't imagine being brave enough to make a decision like that *hugs* i have seen the way cats can torment and play with their food, so i suppose it was a better way for the mouse to die, as it wasn't likely to survive either way
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You kept that sweet little mouse from suffering a countless amount of time in agony by quickly ending its suffering. I think it was the more humane thing to do honey
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You followed your heart and that's the right thing to do.
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I think you did the right thing. It was a hard decision, but if the cat is obviously well fed, and it wasn't it's dinner tonight, I think the best thing to do was to put his "toy" out of his misery. I love cats to death, but I hate watching them "play" with another living creature, even if it's just a poor little moth. I try to kill them quickly to save them the horror of being tossed and batted around. I'm sure that poor mouse is very grateful.
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Depends on if you're the cat or just took its toy away

Is the cat a neighborhood stray or one that is owned, but outdoors? Either way, you're braver than I...I don't like to mess with fate too much so I would have just walked away.
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Thank you guys. Even though I do believe it was the humane choice, oh it felt so awful. Still does.

The kitty's okay -- he lives in an upstairs apartment and looks well-cared for, though certainly he ought to be indoors.
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I've had similar situations come up with mice, bats, squirrels and once, a snake. If I can move them somewhere else and let them die in peace or maybe even recover, that's what I try to do. While your solution was probably the quickest and kindest for the mouse, I don't think I could have run over it. I can imagine how difficult that must have been for you to do.
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I'm sorry you had to do that for you and the little mouse. when I was camping with my friend in July we kept find these little critters many of them salamanders that were alive but had the head squished or guts outs and my friend did what she called mercy killings and has done it with larger animals (road kill situations not that she hit). I don't know if I could have done it, but was glad she was there too. You did the right thing with out a doubt in my mind it just still sucks.
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Aww poor little mouse We have had a similar experience with a chippy. When we found it, it was curled up in a little ball, it was still alive but breathing heavy & you could tell it was in a lot of pain. It looked like his skin got torn off... We gently put it in a box & dropped it off at the vets. They humanely euthanized it, at least it didn't have to suffer for too long anyway...
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Awwww, I would hate to make that decision Poor little mousey.

I cringed while reading this..picturing the mouse getting run over But I'm sure that would be better than being eaten alive

How horrible. I hope you are okay
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I had nightmares last night. But I've thought it through again and again, and I don't see what else I could do... I couldn't leave him there in pain and terror, with no hope of recovery, and the cat threatening. But I can't even read the Rainbow Bridge thread here, I don't have the strength for making this kind of life-and-death decision. I tried to go really fast so he wouldn't have time to see the tire coming and be scared. God I hope he didn't feel anything.
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I remember my 1st experience of "natures way". I was 8 or 9 and one of my cats caught a mourning dove. Mourning doves are beautiful birds and I couldn't bear the fact that my cat would kill one. The bird was still alive when we snatched it out of my cats mouth but the birds neck was broken. My sister and I spent HOURS trying to heal the bird. We put it in a box with a blanket, we sang to it, petted it and even named it (Morning Glory). In the end, Morning Glory died. We were DEVESTATED. We saw it suffer so much but we thought that if it could hold on for just a little bit more then it would be ok. We realized we let it suffer for no reason. If we had known that the outcome would still be death, I think we would have just let my cat kill the bird.

So the moral of the story is, YES, you did the right thing.
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What a horrible decision to make. The other day when i was walking my son to nursery i saw a dead mouse on the pavement that was chopped clean in half. Iv no idea how it ended up like that the poor thing.
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