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new kitten has worms (i think) and im pregnant

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Im 24 weeks pregnant, and just got a new kitten today. I noticed a white thing coming out of her bum. I figured it was a worm. I have a 3 yr old son, and dont want him to get worms, and I dont want to get worms and harm my unborn child. I know not to change the cat litter and everything, but what are my chances of getting them, and something harming my unborn child?

I made an appointment for tomorrow at the vet, and told them the kitten might have worms, and when she was last dewormed 9on the 28th apparently). What should I do in the meantime to keep myself and my son safe?
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If it looks like a little grain of rice, then it's a tapeworm. If so, tapeworms aren't killed by the "general" dewormer. Also, often, deworming once doesn't cover it. I think you're best bet is to ask your vet. I have no experience with kids/pregnancy and cats/worms....so I am not of much help there!
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yep, looked just like a grain of white rice. Im wondering if I should but the kitten in the bathroom until tomorrow when it goes to the vet, and get her dewormed, and see what the vet says about having the kitten around myself and my son...
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When I was pregnant with my son, we had cats. Because my ex-husband didn't want to clean litter pans, I had to do it! So I got throw away plastic gloves (surgical) and had no problems.

If its tapeworms, then the kitten had (or has) fleas. If its roundworms your son can pick them up if he touches the litter pan (poop) and puts his fingers in his mouth.

Just keep him away from the pan and if you have to clean the pan, use those gloves every time.
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Ive made my son wash his hands everytime he touched the cat, and just made him scrub down his hands just now, as well as i (i have been all day before I eat or drink anythng). I put the cat in the bathroom with food/water/littler/ and a nice blanket. I think im just gonna leave her in there until tomorrow, and see what the vet says. Im pretty sure its tapeworms, especially now looking back when I had a cat that had these SAME type of worms come out her bum, and I had to get a special de-wormer from the vet.

How many times do you think ill have to get her de-wormed? The vet told me about $10 to $25 to do it tomorrow depending on what they use, but I didnt know if I would have to keep taking her back in, and if there is a period of time I should stay away from her.
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One worming should be ok. Be sure to check for fleas cause that's where the tapeworms come from!
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Thanks so much. I feel alot better now. i just want this little kittie to be healthy.
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One tapeworm treatment (usually by injection from the vet) should do it and if your kitten is old enough, I would also consider Frontline topical for her. Also, keeping your kitten/cat indoors all the time will virtually eliminate the chances of any more fleas or worms, and keep her healthy and safe (your human family members, too!)
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This cat will strictly be an indoor cat. All the cats ive had have always been indoor, and seemed like the other time i ever had problems with them was when they got outside around other cats. Thats how my cat (who died 3 months ago) passed away. She got hit by a car

Thanks everyone for all of your advice. Do you think she is safe for me to be around as long as I wash my hands, or should I be on the safe side and leave her in the bathroom. Poor thing is going crazy in there, meowing to be let out, and i feel so bad. makes me want to cry
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