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Hills T/D

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Hi everyone.

I am looking for a REALLY tiny toothbrush - is there any such thing? I'm looking for something even smaller than a 'cat' toothbrush.

Also - after all the food recalls etc etc any of you feed Hills T/D as a dry diet and/or treats? Are they as good (dentally - is that a word?) as they say?
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No, I don't feed Hills (any formula) but for a tiny toothbrush, how about one of the interdental brushes for people, with holder? I don't know how small of a brush you need, but you might be able to use one of these. Or maybe a tiny brush for cleaning electronics (check at Radio Shack or even an office supply place). Good luck!
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What part of the brush needs to be smaller? Have you looked at the C.E.T. cat toothbrush or the mini-brush? They're both pretty small:

I hadn't seen the mini-brush before, but the cat toothbrush works really well for Odo (I used it for Willow too).
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I use the Hartz electric cat/dog sized toothbrush. I bought it at the grocery store. Raven likes to lick the toothpaste off then chew on it.
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those are good ideas. i'll look into that. Luxor just hates having anything on him touched that he doesn't 'ask' to be touched.
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what about some paste on your fingers... brushes are not truely needed as the enzymes in the paste do the work...
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i have that paste from the there something better over here?
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T/D was one of the foods I've fed my cats until I learned more about carnivore nutrition. The vets convinced me and I fed it. It's good for the teeth but not good for your cat. Spotty threw up a lot when I fed this diet and he had to eat a lot of it just to get the nutrition he needed. Other than dental benefits, your cat can get the same nutrition from a bag of Purina Cat Chow from your local grocery store. Just read the ingredients on that bag. A diet of corn meal and brewer's rice with chicken by-product meal being the only source of animal based protein your cat will be getting. Much of your cat's protein will be coming from corn. It's also a diet very high in carbohydrates and actually very low quality nutrition and to feed this only because it helps the teeth, what about your cat's body and internal organs and everything else? If your cat accepts toothbrushing that is better than feeding Hill's T/D.

In my case I would rather pay for the occasional dental cleanings from my vet than feed such a species inappropriate diet. These diets are a risk of future health problems that will lead to even more veterinary costs. I'm glad I learned the truth because I didn't know any better when I was feeding the stuff.
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Mouth/teeth health. I have been learning a lot about this. First cleanings must be done regularly. For preventive care I use Oxyfresh water additive and I brush Kingston's teeth with the Oxyfresh gel. I just actually use my finger to massage his gums with the gel.

At first I had my doubts that the stuff works but after only using the water additive and the gel for a week I can smell a huge difference in Kingston's breath. I use to be able to smell his breath when he just sat on my lap. Now He can rub his face on mine and I can't smell a thing.I believe it works and I will continue to use it.

I also am feeding him Eukanuba Hairball because it has DentalDefense, which has been proven to reduce tartar build up in clinical studies. Also I have been told the enzymes in raw meat help reduce tartar build. I give Kingston raw meat as treats.

Kingston has stomatitus, which is a terrible auto immune disease affecting his mouth. I must try everything I can to help him with this disease. A lot of these suggestions I read off that stomatitus yahoo group.
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Hi All, I just wanted to update you on the goings on here.

My goal for this week (and hopefully next, one week at a time though) is to keep their fountain fresh (filter's removed) with a dental additive. AND to put their logic gel on their teeth and gums every night.

Last night was my first night. I had forgotten how much they LOVE the logic gel.
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