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transient ischemic attack?

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I'm pretty sure I had a TIA the other day.
At first I thought it was a panic attack... I took my medicine for my anxiety and it went away within a few minutes...
now I'm not so sure.
it started with a general tingling in my shoulders and then my right hand went heavy and tingly. I could move it but not well, it felt clumsy and disconnected, this feeling spread up my arm. I calmly walked to my room where I keep my medicine and was talking myself through it, I was not slurring my words and I was making perfect sense.
By the time I sat down on my bed the feeling had spread up to the right side of my face.

I have an appointment with a doctor next week. I know going to an ER now wouldn't help, they can only detect TIA's within the hour.

any experiences, comments or suggestions?
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Oh my goodness, I have no experience with it..but I know it is serious business. I really hope it wasn't that That is right up there with strokes and heart attacks.

Good luck with your appointment.
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You need to be seen for a full workup. Heart check, blood work for clots, check for Anti phospho lipid antibodies. If this EVER happens again, call 911 immediately. I think there was an article in the news about the importance of treating TIAs aggressively now.

Good luck!
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What you describe certainly sounds like a TIA. Do you have a history of heart disease in your family?
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Hmmm...I didn't know what this was, but I looked into it further because I have had similar things happen.
I have very frequent mini-panic-attacks that I kind of hold in to myself (that is, when I'm around alot of people). I always knew I was really anxious/stressful person.
It gets really violent when I get uncomfortable: ie: My car doesn't have any AC, and when I get stuck in traffic, can't park, or anything like that, I start to get short of breath and curse alot (not abnormal) but most shocklingly, I noticed that frequently my arms become numb and tingly....like when a limb falls alseep.

I don't necesarily think it may be a TIA, but it was a little alarming to read...

As for yourself, I really hope you can talk to someone soon and get everything straightened out!
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I recently (last month) had a full blood and urinalysis for another reason. I'm completely healthy except for a creatinine level of 1.3, which is why I'm going to see a specialist next week.

I'm calling my MD tomorrow (he's out on wed), hopefully he can give me some insight.

any tests I should ask for from anyone that might know about this kinda thing?
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okay, so I talked to my doctor. He agrees with me but wants to make sure, so for now I'm on a baby aspirin regimen and have an appt. for a bilateral carotid sonogram next week.
wish me luck!

I also want to say this should be a wakeup call for everybody!
I'm only 30 and I just checked out 99% fine on my last physical which was only last month...

kinda scary
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