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Western PA person

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Hello Everyone.
My name is Elmo in memory of my kitty of 4 years (he died June 8,2002~the day after his 4th birthday ) I now have 7 outdoor felines:
Garfield: She's our oldest cat, 11 yrs old but is really soft
Snickers: His mommy is Garfield and he's 4 and is very scared
Inkie: Elmo's brother, 4 yrs old, cute
Meow-Meow: Elmo's sister, fluffy and messy looking but adorable
Oreo: He's what they call 'Six-Mitten Kitten', his front paws have 6 toes instead of 5
KayW: Snicker's younger sis (2 yrs), a tux cat, very short for her age
Molly: an orange and black kitty, no relation to other cats, very pudgy
I also have one indoor cat:
Jingles: her name use to be Scamper but now she wears a bell. She's an Albino solid white 9 month old kitten and is 100% deaf but we still love her. She's tamed down a lot since we got her but the only problem we have with her is litter box use. We've talked to our vet and friends but no one knows why she won't use it. The only way she'll use it is if we lock her in the bathroom with a litter box. Is there anyone out there with advice? We don't what to get rid of her but the house is starting to smell and visitors notice.
Nice meeting everyone!
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Hi, Elmo, Welcome from another Western Pennsylvanian! I read in your profile that you like amusement parks. I'll bet one of them is Kennywood Park.
Elmo, I would go to the Behavior Forum and get some ideas about getting your white cat to use the litter box. Sometimes it can be as simple as changing the brand of litter, or making sure some of the cat's own scent is in the box.
Welcome to The Cat Site. I hope you soon become as addicted as the rest of us are!
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Welcome to the site! I'm sorry to hear about Elmo. If you'd like, you can post a tribute to Elmo in the Crossing the Bridge forum, and be sure to read the poem that it "stuck" at the top of that forum. We all know the pain of losing a furry friend.

Good for you to take in a special needs kitty! Jingles sounds adorable! Another member here, Kiwideus, has 2 deaf kitties in her care right now (one is permanent and one is a foster) so perhaps you can share experiences.

As for her not using the litterbox, it is a common problem with cats and fortunately very curable. First, be sure that she doesn't have anything medically wrong with her, especially a urinary tract infection. Hopefully your vet has already tested her for all that. If she did have one, it is cleared up and she still isn't using the litterbox, the solution could be as simple as getting a new box and different litter as she may still associate the pain of the infection with that particular box. Also, she should have at least 2 boxes (one for peeing the other for poos), and/or at least one on each level of the house.

For a more detailed discussion of this problem and solutions for you, check out this thread: Inappropriate Peeing Problems and Solutions There are tons of suggestions for you to try. You can also ask for specific suggestions to your particular situation by starting a thread in the Behavior forum.
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Glad you found us..... you're gonna get hooked!!!
You'll love it!

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Hi and welcome. I also have a 100% deaf cat. He is the most interesting cat I have. Looking forward to getting to know you.
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