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Trapping Update

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Well all - here's the new stats on my cats - 20 to 24 ferals (I can't count them accurately, LOL).

10 ALREADY done, 7 of them FEMALES! 3 males. 10 left to go. Trapping
for 4 this weekend. Please give me vibes for this!! Prayers all that I get
4. I will use ALL my traps (5 to 6) and stop as SOON as I get 4.

Then I get a break working a weekend, so can't trap. Then, I get
to do 2/3 the end of October.

If all goes according to plan, I will have 7 MORE done by the end of the month for a grand total of 17 trapped and fixed!!! Out of 20. That
leaves me with only 4 to 5 to go for the rest of the winter!!!

Yayyy. Meantime, the bee box shelters - 2 constructed, working on the
platforms to support the boxes, AND a raised feeding platform to help
be a windbreak and keep the bowls from being tossed every where -
also for neatness and cleaninless...and to not attract skunks...

(I am forced to feed in the pm due to colony location and commute).

So, by this weekend, I will have installed (2) warm hay filled
shelter boxes (with camo paint and tarps to make less visible).

I will have by end of month - 2 more done AND a feeding platform I hope.

By the end of Dec/Jan I hope to have ALL cats trapped and fixed AND
begin working on the management to help me finance upkeep.

Also, I have decided that I need to get busy writing grants to
get monies to get a mobile spay neuter program going for
the OUTER areas of our geographic location. Our county is
LARGE 60 miles - and for folks who live out there - what are
the odds they will travel an hour or more for low cost spay/neuters?

My dream is to make it EASIER and CHEAPER for people to do this one
thing for their pets - and for the strays and ferals, its ESSENTIAL. For all us stuck out here in the no man land between the heavily served urban areas and the desperately underserved rural areas... where we still have need, but you may not see it as easy as you do in the urban or the rural areas...

FYI Currently I am fostering a feral trapped Siamese Flame Point!! Imagine,
he's just the most heart breakingly beautiful guy... and he's feral
because someone dumped/let out a Siamese that wasn't fixed.

He is on day 4 of taming to the house, he mews at me, comes out, plays with me, he purrs and does biscuits for me... he just won't let me pet, but
he's dying to BE petted. Send vibes for his trapping.


anyway, no soap boxing. Just wanted to update on the GOOD NEWS.

And Cointreau the feral flame point (now TNR'd!) is coming nicely along. With luck, someone will get a wonderful pet out of him.
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I'm always happy to read your success stories. Keep up the good work!
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