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probably boring..nerves getting to me...

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i am a bit nervous today. i didn't sleep a wink last night.

i won't bore you with the details but i am leaving in an hour to go to the doctors for several appointments (get em all done at once) and will be there for about six hours. if you've read the story of how i got kuan yin you might understand that i've struggled with a disease that causes me to harm myself in ways i won't get into. well, everytime i go to the doctor it triggers me to relapse and i have been in recovery for four months (ever since kuan yin came into my life) and i'm scared it's all going to go down the drain after today...i usually end up in the ER or inpatient at the hospital after such types of appointments because i can't mentally handle it...

anyway..i've been plagued with this for 15 years and if i make it through today unscathed it will be the first time in over half my life that i might actually be getting better.

any vibes, prayers, anything would probably do me some good..thanx and sorry for all the venting
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You can vent all you want! That is what we are all here for

Everything will go well For you just in case!

If you need anything at all - we are all here for ya
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Many prayers for you and some hugs
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That's quite strange... can they not give you something for it if it's a named disease they should have a treatment. Cute cute kitten, btw. Good luck at your appointments and I hope everything will be ok.
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Venting is always allowed!

Here are a few questions for you:

- Can they do any of these medical tests at your home? Is it possible to have nurses come to you to do some of them? Having doctors do house calls is the new hotness apparently, you should be able to find some. Maybe having your pets near you will help soothe some of the stress and nervousness.

- Is it possible to break up some of the tests, like one a month so maybe it's not as stressful? Honestly if I had to have tests run & doctor visits for six whole hours I would go out of my mind, I don't blame you for feeling nervous! With your condition on top of that, I can't imagine how hard it is on you.

Hope I wasn't too invasive with my questions/suggestions. I just wish I could help more. I'm sending you awesome 'feel good' vibes and saying a prayer. Keep thinking of your babies waiting at home for you, they'll be there as soon as you walk back in the door!

Take care sweetie! You can do it!
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I wish you the best
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I hope you can get through today and the next while. Lots of vibes for you!!
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Just keep thinking that the baby needs her mum back home to look after her and she can look after you

Lot's of calming coming over
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hope your do goes well.
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