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pictures of your strays and ferals?

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Id love to see pictures of any of your strays and feral cats? If anyone has some pls share!
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This is Mouser. He was found wandering along the sidewalk barely able to crawl. We bottle fed him and he is now a full grown healthy boy!
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This is Indiana Joan (now age 13 and still going strong):

Cross Eyed Larry - he crossed when he was about 11:

Little Mom (my first feral):

There are many more, but every cat in my siggie was born feral
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Some Brooklyn Strays/Ferals:

This is Flossie, she looks rough around the edges but she's actually the sweetest cat in the neighborhood.

Baxter, he's a true feral, but we're working on him:

and a couple of kittens we've been trying to turn:

they're coming along, and we've already tamed and fixed their mom, so it's only a matter of time!
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This was Holly Golightly when I found her at KFC/Pizza Hut:

She was living at that little patch of land in the parking lot hustling for chicken wings. I snapped those photos when I was searching for her owners. After unsuccessfully finding her owners, I realized she was feral.

Now she happily lives with me and Buster!
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This is Salt he's a former feral kitten. I saw him for the first time around 5-6 weeks but it wasn't until he was about 5-6 months old before I got him and his brother tamed.

This is Ariel. His older sister from the previous litter. She was also about 5-6 months old when she was tamed.

This is Pepper Salts brother. He's been missing for several weeks now. He never could adjust to indoor living. I miss him
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This is "Mr. Butters" so named because he has a very light orange coat and he slips in and out in the night like..."bud-dah"! HA! I have been feeding him for close to four months now and am in the process of trying to trap him to get him neutered and little Kona is his son as he impregnated a neighbor's cat.

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this is Buddy Boy (I think that's what I'll call him)

just showed up and keeps coming back, getting neutered Monday.
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These are from a couple of years ago. First is Scout...the first feral I ever caught. He socialized in a matter of days, and was adopted out.

And in his forever home:

This is Briar, Scout's brother. Obviously he was less than thrilled at being trapped. He's a happy spoiled boy today though!

He's a bit happier here:

And their sister Buttercup...also adopted!

This is Keefe the day I trapped him. The woman who fostered him fell madly in love with him and vowed he wasn't going anywhere but her house!

Mikey and Mitzie

Maxie (Mitzie and Mikey's brother)


Beau, the day he was trapped...I can hardly look at this picture because he's so scared.

Beau just before he went to his forever home!

Danny...he escaped from his foster home.

My beloved JinJin a few days after being trapped:

You can see her "after" picture in my signature.
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Since I socialize ferals mine come indoors. Here is Chaplain when he first arrived:

And here is he is today:

Here is Cyclone when he arrived (he was about 6 years old)

Here he is today:

These are only some of my clowder-
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omg guys beautiful amazing pix! The thing is I have never caught a pic of a feral
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Here is Liam who was a stray cat at a shelter I used to work at. He was adopted out and returned for litterbox issues without even giving him much of a chance. He was never adopted out again and stayed at the shelter until he passed a few years later. I miss him.

Here is Faye the first day after I trapped her and her kittens that were living among the dumpsters behind a grocery store.

...and this is Faye a month later flirting with one of my kitties. She was adopted to a wonderful family and they are in love with her and say she is the most affectionate kitty they have ever met.

Here are Faye's kittens... Jr. Mint and Bobbi Socks (adopted together).

...and Mocha Latte (also adopted)

There is a video of the kittens above here...

This is Miss. Kitty who was a stray around a lumberyard. The yard took care of her for 16 years and when they had to close we found her a home with one of the customers. She now lives with another cat is a beautiful house with a special custom "Cat Room" filled with custom made cat furniture and shelves. She's livin' the dream!

I caught this litter of four kittens this past week along a busy road and they are all currently looking for a home through

Dafne & Tallulah

There are some videos of these two kittens at this link...

Edward ("Big Ed") when I first caught him. I'm still socializing him and he is doing VERY well.

Josephine when i first caught her. She is a VERY tiny kitten and I working on socializing her along with her big brother Edward. She is SUCH a cutie and is doing GREAT!
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This is theo (tabby) and ariel (black), my childhood kitties that we rescued from a Barn. Even though because they were originally barn cats and could never be fully indoor only cats they lived until the ripe ages of 15 an 16 and were amazing babies. I miss them very much and I"m glad I can share them with you!

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This is just one of about 40 cats in a colony of ferals in my area. This one looks a lot like my "main coon"..

Lot more pictures from this colony HERE.

I have one kitten at a vet getting fixed and shot today but the cost ($250) makes it impossible to do many more of them. There is a low cost neuter clinic but I've tried for 3 months to get a reply from them without success. I guess they are too busy or just refuse to answer a phone.
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wow such beautiful cats they look so clean and healthy! I LOVE The picture where the top boss cat is sitting tall watching everyone while they eat! BEAUTIFUL picture reminds me of a lion pride!
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What gorgeous kitties!!
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This is Mr. B and Whitey. Whitey is the white cat and Mr. B is the very angry-looking orange cat. They were both ferals who had FIV and they lived in the FIV cattery at Friends of Homeless Animals. Mr. B was very unhappy with me for taking this picture. They lived in the cattery for about a year and a half before they got very sick and had to be let go. You know, Mr. B went out of this world ticked off, because one of the cattery people petted him as he was put to sleep, and they said he wasn't happy about that at all.

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