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I've Always Wondered Which is Better, Girls or Boys?

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I've always wondered if anyone has had the same experience as I have. Through the years I would have to say boy cats have always been the most memorable cats. They seem more lovely dovey, more friendly, and have more personality.

Has anyone else found this to be true or is it just me?

Don't get me wrong our female cat is great and she loves us, but the males seem to care just a little more about people.
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No it isn't just you! We have 6 female cats & 2 male cats. We have lovey females but they have their moods but the boys are always lovey! In the future, we will adopt some males after this generation, in about a decade. We haven't got to know male cats enough...someday we will though!
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I voted for girls cos my girls (the few that I've had) have always seemed to be more talkitive and more loving. Oh and Kahlua tries to kill me the least. Joey and Chablis are both pretty cuddly but they like to try to trip me down the stairs when I dont have their food in their bowls at the exact time they want it.
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We currently have 6 boys and 4 girls indoors.

Three of the boys are sooooo affectionate, completely "in-your-face", wanting love at all times. Two of the other boys like attention, but on their terms. And the sixth only likes us because we give him food.

Out of our girls, Tabitha used to be extremely affectionate when she was a kitten but now that she's an adult she only likes attention sometimes. The other three girls are all very affectionate, especially Lieutenant Bear.
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Each cat is different and has a unique personality, gender aside. I've found both male and female kitties to be VERY loving and affectionate and i've also found some to be very just depends on the individual kitty! For the most part though, out of my four though- Jasmine and Kojak are the most affectionate (they're my lap kitties out of the bunch, jasmine more so than kojak sometimes). Velvet and Isabella aren't as affectionate as those two are. I think it just depends on the cat, but i think a lot of times males/females can both be very affectionate
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I have ALWAYS gotten (picked out) males. I found they were cheaper to fix, got larger, and was a friendlier pet. I have had females, but prefer males. I love my female cats, I breed ragdolls and can't do it with out them, but I love my stud and the male babies more, or get attached more to them.
The horse I picked out was a gelding and out of the two rabbits (fixed female and a male) I like Choclate chip, the male, better.
I tend to tell potential adopters that I prefer males too, and since they are neutered at two pounds, they generally won't spray. I do have to agree with some though, getting a young kitten when it was fixed at 8weeks, they tend to both be about the same, for the most part, but I will still choose male (pets) over females.
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I've never had a boy cat, but one of our girls are aloof and the other one is just a total cuttlebug. They all seem the same to me, regardless of gender, there are good ones and bad ones.
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Every male I've owned (neutered or not) has be more loving and outgoing then any of my females (spayed or not). They were all raised the same. Just that the females are more one person cats and take longer to accept newcomers.

I've had 2 females that I had to place (pedigree) in only cat homes cause they just didn't want new cats coming in and would pick fights with the other cats. They were so much happier being the "queen of the house"

Given the choice, I'd go with a male anytime

Our next Ocicat will be a male too.
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I have 3 boys. They are sweeties.

My sister has one boy and one girl. Her female kitty (calico) runs the house with an iron paw. Her male is a sweetie. She's also pretty sure her female would not tolerate another female. She said Isabelle is the QUEEN. So no Princess stuff for my sister's kitty.
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I don't have a preference. I currently have 2 boys, 1 girl all are equally loving.

My sister has 6 boys and 1 girl, the girl is most affectionate.
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I have never noticed much of a difference, I have 3 of each.
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Boys, once they're neutered.
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I have to agree with Nikki. It's very much dependent on the cat's individual personality.

I have 3 girls and a boy. We had originally planned on 2 of each, and thought that we were falling in love with a little boy with Mojo. Apparently the shelter workers/volunteers never looked because she is definitely a GIRL.

All of them are very affectionate in their own ways. Trent is a snugglebug...most of the times. I do know that I can always get snuggles from Trent as soon as I get my cross stitching out. Mojo is a mush - always has to be close, prefers to sleep between us touching both of us, loves kisses and snuggles and nuzzles and... Ginger adores kisses and is always SO happy to see us/me come home, but she's not much of a lap cat. She loves being petted and held, just not sitting down. Ophelia DEMANDS being petted and snugged and fussed on...but pretty much only by Daddy. She likes my lap, and she sometimes enjoys pettings from me, but she is a Daddy's Girl through and through.
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I've had both and they have both been wonderful!
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I agree with Nikki & Heidi that is depends on the kitty, not their sex. I've seen way too many people adopt a kitty of the "right sex" only to have the kitty to be the wrong purr-sonliaty for them.
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It does seem boy's are more lovey dovey.
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i can't decide. Chip is my 1st male, & he's very affectionate... but so was Mouse. he's very like her in many ways - i like to think she chose him for me
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I up until Jack obviously, tried to go out of my way to adopt only girls. I was terrified of spraying even after neutering and crystals etc.

Tubby was such a personable cuddly friendly girl, as all my cats have she chose me not the other way around.

Jack has proven to be even more attached to me, and even more cuddly which I wouldn't have thought possible. He is a great companion kitty... but I think its just because he was hand fed and well likes me.

Incidentally, do your cuddly friends pick one person to cuddle with or will anyone do? Jack seems to only do it with me. Tubby thought the newest person to enter the house was the best lap.
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My mostbelovedofalltime kitty was a female, so I've got it in my head that females are better. However, my mom has always had boy "soulmate" kitties.

I tend to think of boys as very indiscriminate when it comes to who they shower with affection. It's obviously not always true, but in the shelters, it seemed like the boys were generally better equipped to love everyone.

However, with two females right now, if/when I get another cat, it will be a male. These two girls were introduced very easily, but it's obvious that neither one would bat an eye if the other one disappeared for all eternity. I've always had at least one of each sex, and they always seemed to become a little more attached to one another.

My two girls are both definitely one-person cats. Lucy is very possessive of me (I get a sick satisfaction out of it, since I'd be pretty bummed if she didn't like me more and I was still paying off her emergency vet bills!), to the point of attacking Connie if she's too friendly to me. Connie is a totally different cat when Dave is around. She's been much more withdrawn since Dave went out of town for a two week class. She is still sweet with me, but I have to track her down to pet her. When Dave is here, you always know where you'll find Connie - next to him or on him. My ideal boycat would love everyone (being fluffy and orange wouldn't hurt, either).
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Oh most definately get a red (orange) boy - the most fun males I've had are the red-headed ones! Imagine a litter of rex kittens with 3 red-head boys and all of them getting into trouble at the same time
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I would agree that boys make much sweeter cats. As an average. . .
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I find generally the boys are more sweet and loving, but my girls have had so much more personality and character, and they still want to be nearby, and love their snuggles - they just don't like being held and they won't sit on our laps.

So I really don't care about the sex of a cat, it's individual personality that makes a cat what they are.
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I've only had boys. First time around that wasn't deliberate (I actually wanted one boy and one girl as I, mistakenly, thought that combination would get on best. But the shelter didn't have any boy/girl pairs). I wanted a boy when I got Mosi. I do think that generally boys are more laid back and easy going whereas girls are more likely to have attitude!
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Rosie and Sophie are real love bugs, but Jack seems to be more

The girls will curl up on my lap no problem, but Jack always jumps up to cuddle into me, then when he falls asleep he stretches out across me
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Sam curls up by me at night and will rest his head on my cheek.
Pru headbutts and flips upside down to get belly rubs, at night only.
Clio sits or lays with me when I need a friend, how does she know?

All three are very affectionate in different ways. Most people like Sam because he is extremely outgoing and friendly, Clio has to warm up to people and Pru is never seen by anyone other than us.

Sam is my first male cat and he is a lover but needy at times, where the girls seem to be more independent. I prefer each of them at different times, it depends on my mood.

Edit: Clio just came up behind the laptop and squeezed herself between it and me. Does she have radar? Okay, Clio, you are a very affectionate cat.
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I like boy cats better. Girls can be little snots. Boys are usually more loving.
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In my experience, my girl cats are more independent. I tend to like that a little better. I like my boys because they are affectionate, but I like them to do there own thing too! Pepper is usually all over me when I am home. Petunia will lay near me but doesn't lay on me.
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I feel better knowing some people have the same opinion. I wondered if it meant I was a bad meow mommy, but if other people have had the same experience as me then I feel much better!
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