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My Sasha has been enthroned in this box...

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for over two months now lol. She spends at least 4 hours a day in it.
I finally moved it to the table by my couch to get it out of the way.
It seems to be a perfect size for her .

Sasha btw is a rescued snowshoe, who is 3 1/2 now.
Her eyes may look a little odd in the photos, since her corneas
are cloudy from some sort of illness in her past.

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I'm glad I'm not the only one who has empty boxes as part of the decor. LOL

Sasha is very purrty, and she looks so comfy in her box. Great pics!
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LOL.... oh my

we have empty boxes and empty paper bags all over our house!
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She looks like a queen in her throne! What a beautiful cat!
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Of course she likes boxes!! It's #2 in the cat's rules and regulations, right after I solemly swear to run right in front of my owner every time he/she starts to move (especially near stairs)!

Purrific photos!

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Great photos. What a gorgeous kitty
LOL...they love boxes don't they. I've made ours a 3 storey "kitty kondo" out of some big boxes we had.
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Any time I put a box, or the laundry basket or a large flowerpot, on the floor Faile is sure to jump into it and check it out. Right now, there is a large paper shopping bag on my dining room floor for the cats' pleasure.
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Oh what a beautiful cat!!!
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she is my only girl and very special to me.
Here is another picture of her, my all time favorite.
She is not as big as the photo might make you think.

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She's a beauty!
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She looks so regal in that last picture. It's really a gorgeous pic of a gorgeous cat.
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Regal is the purr-fect word.
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she has a chirpy sort of meow, so her nickname is
'The Princess Pipskweek'
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What gorgeous markings she has! What a stunning beauty! I better not show her pic to my boys or they might fall for her!
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Sheee sooo purrty! I've never seen a Snowshoe before!
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OMG, she is such a gorgeous girl, with looks like that I'm surprised she doesn't have you ordering boxes... and putting them together for her.
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I've never seen a Snowshoe either - it's not what I imagined one to look like (not quite sure what I was expecting).

Anyway, Sasha is stunning - you're very lucky to have such a pretty kitty.

Do you have FIVE cats in your apartment? I'm going to tell hubbs - I've got a house, but Im only allowed 3 cats!!!! That'll show him!
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I have 5 cats in my one bedroom NYC apartment.
The only thing that gets crowded here is my lap
and whatever location that they all want to sit on at one time.
(Right now, that is the top of the computer moniter.)

I do have to add that my 2 russian blues are very civil and well behaved.Because I got them first, adding a few more cats didnt seem to be a big deal. I sort of got the 5th one by accident. I was volunteering with a rescue group here, from where my Razputin was supposed to be adopted along with his littermate. At the last minute, the woman decided to only take one (she had a cat already)
and the next time I went to the rescue vets, I brought him home lol.
If I had gotten Razputin first, I might have decided that I only wanted houseplants as pets!
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LOL Lucia!!!

Is Razputin the last one of the piccies under your name?

She certainly looks as if he might have an opinion in everthing!!!

Looks a bit like my Ferdy too (Below)
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Wow - how gorgeous can a cat be!!

By the way I have large paperbags from the supermarket as part of my decore. Keeps Loki happy and active....
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the only time he isnt 'opining' is when he is asleep!

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Ohhhh... she's puuuuuuuuuuuuuurty!!!
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