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Tons of pictures

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I finally charged the batteries in my camera, and it's a nice day out. So I took the kittens outside for a photo shoot. There are a few inside pictures as well. Enjoy!

First of all, this is how we start our day... feeding time!

Leo, enjoying the nice day... out hunting for mice, lol

Captain Squishy... he just refuses to give me a decent picture of him


Roxy... it's clear what she thinks of me

More to come....
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Lieutenant Bear

Woody Jr

And Taco

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Wow look at that crew! They're all just darling!
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Aaw they're lovely. One big happy family!!
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And we thought we had a big kitty family! Look at all those little darlings!
*Cuteness Overload* We love the one of all of them during snack time, thats what our snack time at our house looks like too! You have a bunch o' happy cats!
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Oh I love them all! You have so many cute furry friends!
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Oh, look at those beautiful babies - what a wonderful furry family you have adopted! Yeah, I think you were getting a couple of "raspberries!" More pictures, please!
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Oh my word!. Look how sweet they are eating all in a circle

And the tufts in Roxy, Sophia, and Woody Jnr's ears are so cute!!
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Wow they have grown so much Just adorable
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What a lovely bunch of furries! Bear is a doll!
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Wow, that's a great crew you've got there! Are you thinking of starting your own Cat Baseball Team??
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Wow, they are all so beautiful I can't imagine having that many cats!!
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They are all so beautiful and cute
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They are all just adorable, but you can drop off Leo, Garfield, and Captain Squishypants off at my house any time.
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Aw, all your babies are growing up!! They are all totally adorable!!
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