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Arrghh, arggh argghh!!

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Im sorry-but this ad really upsets me! The owner would rather keep a stray, then her own cat shes had for 11 yrs!!! What is wrong with people?!!?
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Oh sadly I don't think this is all that uncommon. Had a case similar to this; woman adopted a new kitten and brought in her siamese that she had had for eight years because she liked the kitten better.

One of the things heard at the shelter is "this is not the pet exchange". People would bring in a pet to discard and then want to look at what was available for adoption. I don't think so.
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That is sad More sad because it is common...

We wouldn't do that to a cat, especially if it was 11 years old. She is past her half way point & now she needs a new home...why do people have to do that? Breaks our hearts, wish we could save all those cats who got traded in!
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The really sad thing is that many of these people, when confronted with the notion that shelters are not pet exchanges, just put their pet outside and let it fend for themselves. So many people view a pet as just entertainment, rather than a companion, that when it gets older and more settled in its ways, they just want to get rid of it.

It's a lot of work convincing people that pets aren't disposable :\\
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I sent the woman a email. It was not rude or hateful. Just a simple email asking why she would rehome a elderly cat, and not the stray. She sent me an email stating "there was more to the story, and wasnt enough room to put that on the ad"

Umm, ok..........what else would the story be??!! You want a new cat and are tired of the old one!!

Anyone else want to email her, you should!
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UGH! That is SO SAD! & BREAKS my heart

How could ANYONE have a 'family member' for 11 years... raise it, LOVE it & then BRING IN A NEW animal & see that the pet you have LOVED for 11 YEARS is STRESSED by this STRAY and kittens, HOW can you just GIVE UP that PET! HOW can one BE so HEARTLESS and lack so much emotion?!?!

I can't understand it & I dont want to. I don't understand why she woudn't just find a foster home for the Stray & Kittens.

That Cat has Devoted 11 YEARS to her... & is now going to get DUMPED... because of a handfull of cute kittens that were dumped on this ladys doorstep... fliping' ridiculous.

That Poor Kitty.
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What was keeping her from just putting the kittens in one room, and letting the cat have the rest of the house? That's usually what you do when you get a bunch of kittens dumped on you, isn't it?
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K guys I just went to that link and it said it was deleted by the author. Guess she got sick of everyone e-mailing her. Its so sad and also to give up your older cat for a kitten, when the other cat has been with her so long 11yrs is such a long time. What will she do when the kittens gets to that age?? Want to get rid of this cat too?? Ive actually heard of this poeple who adopt kittens and then once they grow up they dont want the cat anymore then they get another kitten, just to give them away once they become too much trouble. My friends John and Kathy have a cat smoky, and smoky was given to them by someone who got a kitten and when poor lil smoky got a little bigger they didnt want him anymore, now these poeple want a new kitten and my friends, they are upset by this too. Shadow was also given to me by someone who supposedly couldnt keep her they where moving, and they couldnt take shadow. But this same person goes and gets a puupy 2 months later this made me soooo mad. Whats worse is then she tells me if shadow is too much trouble, shell take her back. I told her No shadow was my child now and that she wsnt giving me any trouble. Even if shadow was a lot of trouble that lady wouldnt have gotten her back i love shadow so much, david and mittens too sorry this post is soooo long I just needed to vent. You guys are the best!!! I love tcs!! Donna
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Tsk... I see that pretty often...

And most people looking at kitties don't want an older cat. I know I was one of those, I didn't want the heartbreak so soon... Now I feel bad...
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You don't even have to adopt a cat 10 years or older. Cats as young as 6 months old are rejected in favor of cute kittens. And a five-year-old has chances nearly as bad as a ten-year-old... Do what you can, that's all.
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Originally Posted by Callista View Post
You don't even have to adopt a cat 10 years or older. Cats as young as 6 months old are rejected in favor of cute kittens. And a five-year-old has chances nearly as bad as a ten-year-old... Do what you can, that's all.
That's so true. I was at animal control a couple weeks ago and a woman came in with her daughters looking for a kitten. She was looking specifically for a male but all the little kittens were female (or too young for adoption). I noticed another kennel with some approximately 5 month old tuxedo kitties in it and told her I bet there would be at least one male among them. She said she wasn't interested in them because they were too old. She wanted an 8 week old kitten.
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That makes me angry.

I can't have a dog right now but that doesn't stop me from looking on petfinder. There was a beautiful 8-year-old golden retriever that a family brought in "to exchange for a puppy." I'm not sure if the shelter actually let them adopt a puppy but either way, the family was clearly getting a new younger pet.

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Hmmm, pets are getting treated like some unfortunate wives - traded in for a newer model I sure wouldn't want that on my conscience
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