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Please pray fort my lost kitty

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This is a short story of good and bad news. A friend of mine was going to "cat-sit" my cats and we put a few in some carrieres and the rest in a dog crate. We got to my friends house and pulled the crate with 8 cats in it out of her truck and the bottom fell out. My cats scattered everywhere. I freaked out!! Well after searching for 3 hours we found all but 3. We got a trap on Saturday and caught one, the other was hiding in her garage and the last one has been sited in the neighbors back yard. We have a trap for her back there.

This probably sounds nuts but I can not eat or sleep since she has been missing. I miss her terribly. Please pray that we find her.


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I'm so sorry to hear about the terrible problem with your crate!!!!! My heart goes out to you and your furbabies. Sending "Kitty Come Home" thoughts your way!!! I know it's even harder because they're not "at home."

BTW - an oft used suggestion here is if you feed them canned cat food, tape the sound of popping a top and play it REAL LOUD outside!

Please keep us posted!
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Sending comforting thoughts your way!
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Oh - just thought I'd add - that you can't eat or sleep since she's been out doesn't sound nuts at all to any of us!
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Sending "Come Home Kitty" vibes for you!

One other suggestion is to go work out and get a t-shirt or sweatshirt wringing wet (or stand in a steamy bathroom until you are really sweaty), and leave that shirt out by the door for her. If you've had her for a while and she's used to your scent, she may follow it and find it for comfort. If you can, be outside really really early in the morning when it's super quiet. She will be more willing to come out then. (Have the shirt with you so your scent can draw her to you)
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Thanks everyone for the great suggestions. I did take my daughters baby blanket to my friends house wither her scent on it so we shall see.
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"find kitty prayers" are on its way!

I hope she comes home soon!

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Originally posted by Kiwideus
"find kitty prayers" are on its way!

I hope she comes home soon!


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Wishing your kitty home again!
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Awwwww I'm sorry this has happened to you
Sending lots of good wishes your way and I hope you find your kitty real soon!
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Also hoping she comes home soon.
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Thanks everyone. I will keep yop posted.
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I'm so sorry about your kitty!
I know how it feels that you cannot eat or sleep,I have the same, as my "Mi Jauw" is missing now for 4,5 months and I'm still looking for him.
I wish you lots of good luck, I will send you some positive kitty energy and I hope you will find him soon.

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Sending "kitty come home" positive energy your way. Hope you find the kitty soon!!
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Prayers going up from me that you will find your cat! I know how worried you must be!!! Please keep us posted!!!!
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Good luck - I hope they come home soon!
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Hi! Since Vikki already gave you a good link to get ideas, I'll just add my prayers that both kitties will be home safely very soon. Try to stay calm and focused on the hints you got. God bless.
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Here more "kitty come home" vibes! Best of luck with the search!
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Thanks everyone for thinking of me and kitty. I'm hoping tonight will be the night.
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Aww, poor baby. Sending your kitty good vibes to find his way home tonight!
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Hi, I just joined the forum, and I'm sorry to hear your kitty is missing. I pray that she/he will come home soon. And the advise on the "scent on your clothes" is a very good idea, I used it once, and it worked. Alot of prayers are with you and kitty,

' May the angels watch over you while we are apart"
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