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A Day In The Life Of A Cat (Diaries)

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Beauty's Diary

Today, when I woke up, mummy was still asleep but I got let outside by the old human who lives with us. I wandered around the garden for a bit, and only came in at lunch time. I went into the garage for a bit before coming in and I did cat things in the garden that humans don't understand. You fellow cats on here will though. Mummy went around doing human things that us cats don't understand but humans do. She gave me beef for lunch (which I like but yesterday I had an endless supply of tuna, which is my most favourite food) and she was saying wow you've got beef. She always makes a big deal about what food is in my bowl (unless it's proper cat food e.g. dried - which I don't like anyway - or wet food which gets boring after a while)

Anyway I had lunch then I went to sleep for most of the afternoon but a stupid talking thing kept me awake. Mummy told me it was a tape, while she was brushing me. She tells me every time she finishes brushing me that I'm a gorgeous girl.

I got outside for a bit longer and slept in the sun, then decided to come back in and go to sleep again. It's alright for you younger cats - you can stay awake all day and not feel tired. We older cats have to go to sleep for most of the day.

I am going to have beef again for dinner, then Mummy will give me love and fuss time as she calls it when she strokes me a lot, then supper, then I will go to bed (hopefully round the side of the settee but Mummy takes me in to the kitchen at bedtime)

I would love to hear the average day for all you other cats who are reading this so write back please.
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Sounds like you have a busy day.

My days are pretty boring really with meowmy and purrpa away at work. Mika and I chase each other around a bit then we curl up together for a nap. Purrpa gets home first and if the weather is nice he lets me outside (meowmy hates me going outside but purrpa won't listen to her). I check out the yard to make sure no strange kitties were out there while I was inside napping. When meowmy comes home (I know how her car sounds), I run out to the driveway to see her. When she opens her car door, I jump in and get some loving from her then follow her into the house. I stay just long enough for some loving and then I tell purrpa I want to go back outside. He lets me out again. Meowmy told him I can't go out after dark at least so he's agreed to that.

Later in the evening I usually play with Mika or sit with meowmy and purrpa and watch TV. At bedtime I cuddle under the covers with meowmy and sleep with my head on her pillow close to her face so I can lick her nose and eyelids. Then I go to sleep until morning. Mika doesn't sleep with me and meowmy - Mika sleeps with her meowmy (my human sister).

On weekends I stay outside longer and help purrpa fix the cars or I sit in his wheelbarrow to guide him to where he is going. He says he wouldn't be able to do anything outside if it weren't for me helping him.
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This morning I was taken outside by Mummy and spent the whole morning doing cat things in the garden - namely lying down and looking around, as well as having a little catnap. I came in, had my lunch (namely wet cat food and tuna) and promptly went through to the sitting room and slept for most of the afternoon. I finished up the food in my bowl for dinner, then went back to sleep for the rest of the evening.
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Today I was outside doing cat things in the garden for most of the day. I came in for some food, used my litter tray (and got rewarded for it because they changed my litter then changed it back because I didn't like the litter they were using) and have been sleeping for the rest of the time.

My life is like that - peaceful.
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From Sliver: Hello to all you other cats out there!

Ahh, just woke up from a cozy nap laying in my mommas & daddys jackets. Mmm, they smell just like them. Now, I'm going to wander my way over to the water bowl for an afternap sip Might as well crunch on a little food before I go decide what I want to do...

I'm going to one of my favorite spots in the house! The shelf by the bathroom window, its where we all watch birds & squirrels. Whenever I see a bird, I can't help but do a kitty chirp. Birds are just so exciting! Whoa! One flew close to the window & I got so excited, I almost fell off!

Now I might as well wander around to see what the other cats are up to. I am usually awake when they are all napping. Snowball is sleeping on the couch next to Sushie. Spooky & her babies Shilo & Sadee are taking a nap together in the kitty cabinet. Sage took over my nappy spot in the jackets. I could care less what Spici is doing, I don't like her, & you can't make me like her! HISS HISS!

Anyways, tonight is snack night! Tonight they are giving us chicken & gravy Life is good!
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Well last night I had the bed nearly all to myself as Daddy has gone away to blackpool for the weekend. Then at around 3am I woke up and wanted some fresh air so I scratched the wallpaper to wake meowmy up so she'd let me outside, but I just got yelled at! Later I totally pigged out on some tuna and went for a walk on the neighbours conservatory. Then I came in and slept on Daddy's bed!

(and she still is on my Mom & Dad's bed and has been for the last 4-5 hours! lol )
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My name is Graycie. That's right, because I'm gray. My day begins around 7am when meowmie's clock goes off. I have to help her get up. Then there's eating and waiting for her to clean the kitty litter so I can be the first to use it). Otherwise that Little Guy tries to beat me to it.

Then I take a nap til noon. That's when I have to watch out the windows and see what the humans out there are up to. It's also serious cuddly time with meowmy cos all the others are sleeping. Then I have a snack and take another little nap until around 4pm.

That's when the other cats wake up. We walk and run and play all round the apartment until meowmie gets the food ready for the outside cats. I wait by the front door and stand up and try to turn the knob, sometimes I get out in the hall and she has to come and bring me back. That's fun!

When she comes back in she opens up the door for real and we can all go out in the hall for awhile. We ZIP back in if anyone else comes out though.

By the time meowmie's ready for bed, we're all asleep. I like her bed, Little Guy likes the couch, Sun likes the bookcase and Go Go likes the bedroom chair.

I'm not telling what we do while meowmie's asleep, except at about 4am we wake up and exercise by running fast as we can all over the apartment. Then we do some serious window sitting and take a nap for when meowmie's clock goes off again.

That's my day.
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Hey fellow felines!

Today I woke up a lot earlier as my meowmy went horseriding at 8am! What WAS she thinking?! Anyway I pithered around, ate a little tuna and then went for a morning stroll. Later meowmy returned, stinking of horse (lol) and then I ate a whole lot more of tuna, and felt sick. Sure enough I puked it up on the carpet, as a way of paying meowmy back for waking me up soooo early! I then slept on the bed, and meowmy went out to nana's, and I haven't seen her since. But what I do know is that she will be back at 6.30pm! Yay! More tuna for me!!

Mitzi xoxoxoxox
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Today Mummy went out to church in the morning, leaving me with food, water and my litter tray in the garden. I hid at the end of the garden for a while, then went and had some of my special meat Mummy left out for me (I'm not sure what type it is and Mummy says she doesn't know either).

They returned, Mummy let me in and had her lunch, then went out to the place I came from to help out there (for the last time before the spring because they had enough people going in for the winter).

Mummy came back, had her tea, talked to me for a while, went on the computer for a while and says she's going to give me some fuss in a few minutes, while she rests.

I loves Mummy
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Last night I nearly lost one of my 9 lives...AGAIN! I was actually having a weird fit running around like crazy, when I decided to get my head stuck through the bannister of the stairs. I panicked and cried, and luckily meowmy saved me! I <3 meowmy!
I now have 7 lives left! Yayy! (Oh yeah by the way, I fell out of meowmys' bedroom window as I went right to the end and slipped...meowmy was so worried!)

Anyway, today I got up, ate some tuna, and then went outside. Meowmy has her first gcse exam - whatever that means - so while mom is at work she's staying at nanas, and then going to school later.
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All those cats have very busy lives,Samianthers' entire daily diary would consist of:
*Woke up
*Went to litter tray to do poo/wee,got it over the edge,doesn't matter human slave will clean it up.
*Ate breakfast.
*Went back to sleep.
*Woke up covered in dribble,had wash,went back to sleep.
*Woke up,couldn't decide whether to have biscuits or mushed up cat food for dinner,went for a bit of both.
*Went to sleep.
*Woke up,needed wee,ran out to the tray,waited for humans and cats to stop staring,jumped in,gave a good squirt,jumped out and dragged half the grit at the same time in the rush to get back to bed.
*Woke up,had dinner,had wash,went back to sleep.
*Woke up,went on human knees for a while,for attention and sleep.
*Was woke up being lifted back into bed,covered over with blanket,and then back to sleep.
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Hi Purr Friends! Our names are Shilo & Sadee. We are the babies of our kitty family. Spooky is our momma & we get to live with her furever. Our big momma & daddy hung up toys for all the cats but we play with them more. We love batting the mouse back & forth to each other. We bite it & naw on it, its lots of fun!

Hey Shilo, I got an idea! Lets go play with Snowballs tail! But i'm sleepy Sadee, Z z z. Okay Shilo! We'll take nappys then we'll go play with their tails We're off to take a long nap with Grandma Sushie!

Many Purrs & Mews to all of you
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haha thats great! Here is My BooBoo's Day

I might get up later, but I doubt it!!
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Today I was sooo lazy! I decided to go and sort out that cat who lives over the road from us, Cocoa, because she is a big bully! She beats me up so I went to try and find her to give her a piece of my mind!
Anyway, after that, mom came home from work so I came inside and ate some tuna, then meowmy came back from school, and I basically slept alllllll afternoon!

Mitzi xoxoxoxoxoxo
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This morning mommy and daddy got up and got dressed so I knew they were going somewhere. I followed them around and begged for attention and they gave it to me. I'm too cute to resist. Mommy wasn't gone long but when she came back daddy wasn't with her. I think he was at that place they call work. I got my breakfast then mommy went back to bed so I went to sleep in the linen closet. Then much later the doorbell rang and I ran down to see who it was. Somebody was giving mommy a green paper thing. I think it's the stuff mommy and daddy say they don't have enough of. Anyway, I just went back to bed in my closet. This time I slept really hard. When I got up I sat at the top of the stairs to clear my head and mommy walked by. She was all happy that I was awake. She came up and petted me. I had some food then sat on the heater to warm up and clean my face. Then I came down stairs and mommy gave me catnip. I ate some and it made me sneeze. It made me feel funny too so I laid down and rolled around. Mommy laughed at me, I don't know why. Then I just hung out for awhile and mommy left again. She said she was going to my grandmas. So I guess I'll take a nap till she gets home. POPSIE
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Today has been pretty boring for me. I woke up at around 4am like I usually do, then went and played with the neighbourhood kitties, then came inside and slept. Meowmy bought me a new early christmas present, a glove with extra long fingers for me to play with! She was going to be very silly and buy me a little shirt, but I would have hated that! Thank goodness she didn't!

Enjoy the rest of the day, my fellow felines!

Mitzi xoxoxoxo
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Mew to All!

My name is Snowball. Today is cold, so I took a nap on top of the heater vent, its so warm!
Tonight Momma & Daddy will throw a mouse to me so I can catch it in the air, I love that game.
They say its good exercise but its just fun
Until I can get lovings, i'm going back to kitty dreamland! Z z z z z

Meow & Good Nip
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I was ornery today. While mommy and daddy were gone I got into moms baby spider plant. Ha Ha I pulled it out of the dirt while chewing on it and then puked it up on the rug. Mom tried to act mad at me but I knew she wasn't. POPSIE
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Today I spent nearly all my time outside until Momma and Meowmy came back from school. Momma went shopping and Meowmy put a little jumper on my head (i've got a pic- need to upload it) that was snuggly warm! Then I slept for the rest of the day.

Mitzi xoxoxoxoxo
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Well today is the weekend so i have lots of people to pay attention to me. Mummy took me out into my house so i could roll around in the grass and stare and the noisy birds. I got bored after a while and meowed my head off till someone would come and give me lots of scratches and bring me back inside. Mummy and her mummy watched the colourful box in the loungeroom so i decided to scare them and flip under the couch and claw my way up and down on my back! Then mummy found my favourite foam ball and i spent a few minutes playing soccer with it, batting it around and running into furniture! I then follow mummys mummy into the laundry to weave around her legs while she tried to was her clothes, and then i did a nice big poop in my tray and then everyone started running away, but i swear it wasn't smelly!
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Today I was bullied again!!

I was playing outside near the car and I saw this black furball by MY window. It was Cocoa, my worst enemy! She has bullied, bitten, scratched and totally mauled me in the past. I came home one day with a CLAW in the back of my head!

Anyway, we chased each other for a while, then I came inside for some tuna, and then slept for nearly the whoooolle day!

Mitzi xoxoxoxoxoxoxo
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