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Question of the Day - October 10th

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is there anything you do better than your mother?
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Umm not much that's for sure...she's a great cook but she waits to clean it up after it's over and I clean as I go and I think that's better
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I make thicker gravy
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Most things except for saving money and sewing. Today is NOT a good day for a mother question.
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Drive - Her Dad never let her learn to drive though the younger siblings did. (She was taught to drive a team of horses for plowing.)

That might have been fortunate because she has poor depth perception. Her baby brother tried some years ago, but the result was 4 dented fenders on three vehicles. (Two of them ours. She was pulling into the drive at the time.)

Anyway, Dad liked to drive and Mom helped by reading signs. She could at least read fast.
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I don't have that 1950s view towards other cultures...
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I can cook better than my Mom, but she can clean waaaaaaaaaay better
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I can cook better then she did. My hubby told me I cook better than HIS mother! Now that is a complement!
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I had a better taste in fashion
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I can make some things better than her, like cheesecakes and cookies and some other things. Um lets see, I can do most things on the computer better than her. And I can pill out cats better! She can clean a lot better thats for sure!
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hmm i can get a women pregent, mom never could do that.(lo mods feel free to remove this)
lol but it is the first thing i thought of.
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Oh heck no.
My mom rocks at everything she does.
She's always been the most 'in tune' person I know of.

This is a 75 year old woman who still enjoys David Bowie, Queen and a lot of J-pop
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Goodness, I can't think of anything.

Oh I have one. The birds and the bees talk. My Mom was terrible about that discussion but I rocked with my three boys!!
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I speak better English than she does.
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The only things i can think of are cooking (except for her cornbread- it's better than mine), singing, and driving (she's one of those people that will drive a mile with their turn signal on and consuse people because they never know when she's turning) Other than that though- my mom's awesome at just about everything she does!
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Hmmm...I'm more artistic/creative than she is...but I wish I had her awesome cooking skillz!
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Drive. I refuse to drive with my Mother. She drives with her foot on the gas petal and takes it on-off-on-off-on-off and she drives soooooooooooooo slow, with her nose touching the windshield
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Recently my mother's driving has gone by the way side as she's getting older so I think I'm a better driver than her now (but not always).
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My mom... movie-star-gorgeous, socially graceful, perfectly turned out every day of her life, fabulous fashion sense, dangerously great cook, outstanding painter of oils, beautiful singing voice, extremely softhearted toward animals, children, and old people, still incredibly energetic and productive at 82... just an amazing woman.

But... she's a very aggressive driver... she overfeeds everybody in sight, feline and human alike... and she always gets impatient, turns the heat up too high, and burns the grilled cheese sandwiches.

And... I hate to say it, because she's famous for her excellent spaghetti sauce...

...but I like mine better!
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Handle money
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Saving money, or at least spending it wisely! Also, she's a terrible driver, one of those that will look around in the back seat while passing someone
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The first thing came up with is, to stand up for myself. I'm not an outgoing person, but I've learned boldness in situations like that!
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Hmmm.... I honestly have no idea- I'm so much like her its unreal!

I'll let you know when I think of something!
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I make better scalloped potatos that is about it,
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I like to think that I respond better to stress than she does. Her coping with stress usually goes like this: stressful event/comment, short burst of a freak out - usually yelled, huff and puff around the house, calm down, solve problem.

She's a great mom though so if that's her biggest fault, I'll take it!
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Haha yes there are atually some things I can do better than my mom, or instance using the computer I keep trying to show her how to use it but well shes stubborn Also cell phones, ok well all the new technology I am the one who works the dvr too and taught everyone how to use the remote
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I make better scones than my mum.
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Nothing I can think of.
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I would guess I can grill better than my Moma. I only say that cause I've never seen her grill before.
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I drive waaay better than my mom. . . . some times she scares me. . . other than that, ehh, not really. . .
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