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Ozzy & Lexi

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I thought id show off my sisters cats ozzy and lexi. I think they are brother and sister but the size difference is amazing. Lexi is so small,these pics are about a year old and ozzy is even bigger now!

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Oh their gorgeous!. A right pair of snugglers they are
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They are both darling! They are picture purrfect

Thanks for sharing their photos! Look forward to seeing more
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Id love to get more recent pics of them with a good camera because them pics arent so good.
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They're adorable!
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Oh, I am so partial to black and white kitties! (Can you tell?) How sweet can you get!
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They are adorable! I love the last pic!
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The cat-nap pillow there is perfect Ozzy is such a gorgeous kit! I adore his lovely black coat.
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