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My Kitties are going to become Australian!

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So this is my 3rd attempt to write this post today, my laptop keeps playing up!

So! I went to Australia, as most 0f you know, i had a lovely time except for being sick and not being able to do much!

I returned to Germany last week with Travis, yes he actually boarded the plane with me, he came here with a smile where as i was in tears because I know for a fact Australia is my home and it was so sad to leave again!

He already got a job which he started yesterday, Kaylee and Teufel absolutely love him, infact i think i am slightly jealous! I have never seen them so happy with a stranger before other than Tricia!
Since they have approved trav 0f joining the family, i definetely know he is a keeper!
Trav lost his kitty a few weeks before i came down, i absolutely love it how he is a cat person and he wants to add one or two more cats into our family. This of course wont be any time soon because we are onto a biggg project!

Trav is now officially my Fiance` i know most of you think its too soon, but the way we look at it is that life is too short to wait.

There for Trav is taking, Kaylee, Teufel and I to Australia! We dont have a set date yet, but it would be early on next year and we will get married a few weeks after we settle in.
We are doing a thorough research about the kitties entering the country because i told him i will not leave them here they have to come with me. So far my only concern is what they will do to them while they are in quarantine.

The bad news is that last week my wallet got stolen on my way to work, someone nicked it out 0f my big bag, i was very hysterical and work took me out of the promotion was doing for the month. I am glad though they havent fired me fully and I will return to my Airport job on the 24th of oct.

I do have lots more to tell, there are some pictures coming up soon!
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Hey Fran, i found some information for you, i hope this helps
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that great news Fawn... but one question... do your kitties speak Australian or german?
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How romantic!! Congratulations to you and Travis (as well as Kaylee and Teufel for their new dad!).
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That's wonderful news. I'm a little jealous as DH and I would love to be able to visit Australia. We have a good friend over there (she's on this site)....

I'm sure some of the Aussies in here can help answer the quarentine questions about what happens with the cats for the 6 months.
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Congratulations!!!! That's great news!

I used to work for AQIS (Quarantine), so let me know if you have any questions
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Wow Fran, you must be thrilled!
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Congrats on your engagement hon! That's wonderful I hope you two enjoy many wonderful years together!!!!
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Welcome back, Fran! I've been wondering how your trip was going, and when you were getting back. That's some news! Congratulations! Good luck to Travis settling in here (for the time being).

Originally Posted by theimp98 View Post
that great news Fawn... but one question... do your kitties speak Australian or german?
They're bilingual, of course! When they stayed with us, I spoke English with them, while DH and the guys putting in our windows at the time spoke German.
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Lots of changes happening for you. So are you going to move permanetly to Australia??
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Congrats, Fran! you have a picture of the ring?
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Congratulations Fran, glad things are going well for you now.

Maybe we will run into each other some time when you are back in Australia for good. Wouldn't that be fun.
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Congrats on all the great things that are happening in your life. I've read how much you've missed Australia. I'm sure it's like a world of difference from Germany. I think it's fantastic that you and your kitties will finally get to move there.
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Thank you everyone, we are really excited about going back home!!

Here are some pics, I hope they arent too large!

According to trav i was drinking toilet water!
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You guys are soooooooooo cute! Congrats Fran!
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