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Switching dry foods

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Our 9 month old Maine Coon kittens, Bruce and Sheila, are currently free-fed Royal Canin Kitten dry food, plus wet food (Nature's Menu, Hi-Life or Applaws) twice a day.

Twice I have been given vouchers or a free sample of an alternative dry kitten food, and I have decided to use a little of it (10%) in with their current dry food, to acclimatise them to different tastes, ready for when they move on to adult dry food.

The first time it was Go-Cat, a non-premium brand, and both kittens had loose stools immediately, so I binned it and vowed to keep the kittens on premium brands from then on. The second time it was 'First Class', a pet store's own brand premium dry food which was exactly the same colour as RC Kitten so I wondered whether it was in fact made by RC. Not so! Bruce had diarrhoea badly for a couple of days. Again I binned the new food and they are both fine again.

My worry is how I am ever going to wean them onto adult dry food! I realise I am going to have to do it exceptionally slowly, like one biscuit the first day, two the next etc - 10% is evidently too much of a shock for our two! We are planning to wean them onto Royal Canin Maine Coon - I am wondering whether, as it is the same manufacturer, the transition will be easier as hopefully it will be much the same additives, just in different proportions for adults.

Does anyone know whether switching between feeds made by the same manufacturer is likely to be easier? Or have any tips on how to introduce a different dry food more safely?

Our kittens are otherwise very healthy, and have no ill effects from eating a range of wet foods (which I am keen to continue, to minimise fussiness).


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not nessary ... just mix your choice for 14 days
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Look over the ingredients of the different brands you have tried and see if there are any that are different from the current food you are feeding such as wheat, soy, fish. etc. I have two maine coon kittens as well who are 8 and 9 months and they both have some food intolerances. My girl cannot eat dry foods that contain a lot of vegetalbes or fruits such as sweet potatoes and apples or she gets the runs. She also gets itchy and red bumps from soy. My boy gets the runs from any food containing wheat. When you do decide to switch them over do it very slowly. Foods containing probiotics seem to have helped my two as well. Good luck.
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