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Leslie (Bundylee) You're A Sweetheart!

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Leslie - I know you have much bigger concerns on your mind with the fires (and of course we ALL hope you, Pete and the babies are safe!!!!!!!), but I wanted to say a big THANK YOU for helping put the Valentine's exchange together!

I KNOW it's turning into a big headache
( and I haven't helped! ), but you put a lot of work into putting all the pairs together, and you deserve lots of hugs and kisses for that!!!!!!!

THANK YOU LESLIE for working your magic for us!!!!!!

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I'll second that.
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Good job Leslie!
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Aye!!! I'd have to agree with that!
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Ahhhh you guys!!!

It is a pleasure! I didn't really do much! I just feel I haven't been much help! You know what I mean ......come up with an idea and not quite know how to make it work smoothly! I want to thank all of you for wanting to be a part of this and also for being so helpful with the pairs! I know that once I reveal my new and exciting news about the thread it's going to be much easier for everyone to partake and have fun with it!

Laurie thank you! You made my day! You are such a sweetheart and such a darling for putting up with me!
I guess the last couple of days have been stressful and if I sound a bit short please know it's not personal to you or anyone! Just a bit of rushing around like a chook with it's head cut off!

I really do appreciate all the support and care that you all offer and I am humbled by your friendships and love!
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Leslie - we're darlings for "putting up with you" ?????

I'm the one that got everyone confused to begin with! I'm sure we'll get it all straightened out - it took a while to sort out what the "guidelines" were for the Secret Santa, too.

Besides - that's what happens when no one person IS "making the rules," so to speak. When everyone can participate, it seems it can take a while to get it sorted out. I'm sure everything's going to be just fine!
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Late jumping in, as usual, but I do want to add my thanks to Leslie for coming up with the idea and following through with the work. It may not seem like much to you, but organizing anything takes time and patience (right Daniela?).

I and my kitties appreciate it. They've never gotten Valentines before. In fact, they've never really met kitties outside of each other.
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Thanks again everyone!!!

Don't forget to look in on the 'New and exciting news about the Valentine thread!!!'

Lot's of kisses and soup for you all!!!!!!!!
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*Bunn hands Bundy a cookie for her great work
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Although I did not participate in it (because I just don't have the time. ) I want to say it was a very sweet thing of you to do Bundylee!
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Is it Chocolate Chip Bunn???

Thanks Debby! I just hope I do it properly! Now that we have Coco Maiu helping I think it will be great! I look forward to seeing it all on the day!
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