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How to reward cat after medicating?

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I am feeding one of our cats some antibiotics by syringe. I know I am supposed to reward him afterwards, but he refuses to eat any treats afterwards, and he is absolutely crazy about treats. However, after giving him the medication he is either so ticked off or scared that he won't eat any treats. I can hold him afterwards, and he doesn't struggle but as soon as I let go he'll trot / run off.

Any suggestions? Should I just let him be?
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Find a tidbit of safe human food that he likes, or a spoonful of plain meat (human) baby food.
My old RB boy had problems his whole life, I rewarded him with plain chicken baby food.

He got to the point that he'd come find me at pill time
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I'd let him be for about 10 mins then pretend nothing is wrong and offer the treat. You don't want them to associate treats with medication.

Arlyn, funny you mentioned about your RB and medication. I had to give my RB boy pills for a coat problem. He was so good about it - came to me and I'd say "ok Cassie, open up" and he'd open his mouth for the pill and swallow it! Was the ONLY cat I've ever seen volunteerly take a pill with no force.
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Mine don't want anything I have to hand them after getting medication forced on them... I can't say I blame them.

My boys seem to understand that I'm not trying to hurt them and forgive me pretty quickly. All it takes is a hug and a kiss on top of their heads (or a shoulder/back/above the tail scratch) and they act like nothing happened.
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I agree on not giving treats afterward... I've found that my cat will associate the negative experience with treats and stop eating treats. I'd just talk gently to him while giving the medication, then let him run and get away from you for as long as he wants (often a cat will avoid you for a short while). Then you can be nice to him when he comes back on his own.

Overall the best course is to not make a big deal of the experience. Short, sweet and matter-of-fact.
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