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New pups in the family!

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A few weeks ago my brother and SIL adopted a greyhound, his name is Arcadia (sp?) They brought him over for a visit and the cats freaked!! He's a sweetie though!

Here he is

Then 2 days ago my niece comes over to visit with this sweet little girl she had just adopted, her name is Autumn and is 5 months old and I believe she is an english shepard

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She's a sheltie, possibly with some corgi mixed in.

They are gorgeous dogs
I really wish I could adopt a greyhound.

ETA: I'm going by her very pointed muzzle, the prick of her ears, the fact that she lacks the square head, and her feet are pretty tiny, she's not going to be a very big dog.
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They're both gorgeous!! I agree with Arlyn, Autumn looks like a Sheltie... I used to have one and she looks just like him.
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Yeah Autumn is a sheltie (pet quality)

Love the Grey, but my fav color is mostly white with a few small spots of color
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I thought I was going to see pictures of pups, which would be nice. But it was a wonderful surprise to find out it was older dogs being adopted and finding a home.
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Aww they are both adorable! And autumn looks just like my furniece Cally. I can send you a pic of her if you'd like to compare!
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they are both gorgeous!!! congrats to your family on their new additions
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Yeah, a greyhound! I have a black & white parti greyhound too. Her name is Lacey Leigh. They are wonderful companions (this is my second grey).

Congratulations to your family on adopting adult dogs and giving them a forever home.
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they are adorable! and bless your family for choosing to adopt. I hope you all enjoy your new additions to the family.
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what beautiful pups!
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They are both so adorable!!

I loove greyhounds! My sister adopted one a few years ago from the shelter, and she has been a excellent doggie!!
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Thanks everyone! Yea, I thought I had the breed wrong...I have a terrible memory and am not very good with dog breeds
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I was owned by 2 greys a while ago. Both were brown brindle and were 75 and 95 pounds. I love greys!

But be careful. Not all greys are cat friendly. They usually do fine unless the cat makes a sudden move. They train them to chase small furry lures for the track and some learn too well.
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They are both beautiful!
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