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Cats Talking Video

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Check out this video, it's so funny and cute!!! Be sure to have on the volume.
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Jazz came running into the room when he heard this. He was trying to figure out where it was coming from. Very cute.
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That's so funny! I had Butterbean and Meggie stalking the computer! lol

That is how Bird talks to me!...I wonder what they were saying?
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Thats so funny!!! Love it!
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One of the cats sounded like it was saying "OK!"
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That's so cute!!
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Awww....that was so cute!!
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That was adorable They were probably saying I love you back and forth.
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that was pretty funny. i hadn't seen that one.
this one is funny tooo - acts just like stoli
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The cutest video I have ever seen. Gordo and Tinkerbell jumped on the desk when they heard the video.
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su cute Diane!!! I´ll going to dream with they!!!!
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XD Angel was meowing at them too!
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that was soo cute, even hubby watched it, and of course mellow was quite fascinated lol
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Ooo talking kitties.

I never believe it till i heard it, but Tristan told me Timmy could say hello. Especially when he has to stay in the bedroom for a day if hes caught a bird or something, to normal humans (non cat owners ) it is 'mowmow' in a really low voice, but it's 'hello' to us other people lol
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Oh too cute! Mooch got up from my lap and stood with her nose right at the video!
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lol...Babee came to check it out too.
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