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I got to show them off

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This is some of my neice/nephew kittens that I mentioned that earlier.

Kitters Girl
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Maybe I should tell you about these little kittens. The little one called Blue is a handicapped kittten. He was born without a knee joint in one of his back legs with the other one twisted wrong. Everyone thought that this kitten would never walk but as you can see he can. KitterGirl's tail is not straight like most kittens it kinda runs of to the side.

I know this is a shameless bid for attention for these kittens. I thought I would get at least one cute kittens out of it. This thread has been on here all day and no comment at all.
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well I think they are adorable , little Blue is a real cutie pie
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Aw, Blue and Kitters Girl are adorable. Very sweet kittens!
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They are just adorable...

I love Kitters Girl's socks... I'm a sucker for the socks...
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thank you for the comments. They are very cute kittens to me. Blue walking and even running/climbing like he does shows that he has a strength of will to persist until he gets it right. Maybe it just means that he doesn't know that he cant do it and so he does.
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Oh they are both such cuties! Lil Mister Blue there is so handsome! And Lil Miss Kitters Girl is a doll! She reminds me of my RB girl Glory when she was a kitten. (And don't feel bad when people don't reply too much. I get that all the time, but then there are lots of pics posted all the time it seems. That's what I figure anyway!)
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Oh my they are just precious
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Oh good grief would you look at those little fluff balls
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OMG they are the cutest little kittens! Happy to hear their handicaps aren't keeping them from having fun! Thanks for sharing their photos, hope to hear more stories & see more photos of their beautiful little faces
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Awww, look at those sweeties! What adorable kittens. I am glad that they found someone to love them, "warts and all"!
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How adorable are they!

I really believe that the "special needs" cats are just SPECIAL. They don't know that they aren't "supposed" to be able to do certain things. They are just kitties and find ways to do kitty stuff, or ICB (Important Cat Business). It's the people who don't believe in their strong spirit that put limitations on them. I'm glad Blue and KitterGirl found the right kind of people.
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they are adorable!! I love kittens when they're all fluffy
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They are both cute as can be, but that lil Blue has stolen my heart!!
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Awww they are both adorable.
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