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And the memory gets worse, lol.

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We just spent 2 hours looking for a jar of tea which was in the most ridiculous place! We looked everywhere for it. Then looking on the top shelf way out of reach of everyone else in my family there it sat.

I'm the only one who could reach up there, but I do not remember putting it there and it's so funny. I must have moved it out of the way to grab some cups.

Stupid brain, work darn you.
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Or drink coffee! (A heck of an Englishman I am, huh? Iced tea with lemon is good, though.)
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They say the mind is the first thing to go. But, well, does anyone remember what the second thing is?
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[i]Stupid brain, work darn you. [/b]
No comment needed.... that statement says it all!
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Don't fear BuNN, I am like that sometimes, I have even put things in the fridge that dont belong there.
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A couple of weeks ago, I lost my car keys. I tore apart the house, both cars, and the tattoo shop. I always hang them on my belt loop, and could not imagine where they went. When I changed clothes that night before bed, there they were. They had been hanging INSIDE my baggy pants. I was too embarrassed to tell anyone where I actually found them.
I have been known to put things away, "so I won't forget where I put them" and not see them again until I move!
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How many of us that wear glasses have searched for them and eventually realized you were wearing them. Oh how embarrassing.
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Ha Ha that is too funny. I do that all the time. The worst thing is to put something somewhere "safe" and in a place where you won't forget it, and then you can't find it for the life of you. I did that with my engagement ring, but I don't remember taking it off, and it's still lost! You are so right Krazy Kat!
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