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littermaid vs scoop free automated litterboxes...

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to those of you who might have owned both of these, which do you prefer and why? do you mind telling me your experiences with them? i've read super mixed reviews on both... some people say the scoopfree box leaks, some say it never leaks, is totally maintenance free and is the greatest thing since sliced bread! i think the people who had problems with the scoopfree box were mostly multiple cat owners. since i only have one baby, that should cut down on some of the problems i've read although murphy tends to tinkle A LOT! he doesn't poo that much but since he drinks a lot of water, he goes a lot!

the littermaid is ok. certainly better than non-automated boxes but not without flaws. i just hate how often we have to change the waste bin...especially since we have some trips coming up and i hate asking my friends to do the litter box. it's a big enough favor just having someone come over and feed him and play with him... if i can avoid the whole litterbox mess, that would be good and the scoop free box supposedly lasts around 3-4 weeks for a single cat... whereas the littermaid we tend to change the waste bin twice a week on average and add more litter to the existing litter.

thanks in advance for your opinions.

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I have a LitterMaid box, and its as good as the litter you use.
Worlds Best Cat Litter works well with it, but I think Precious Cat (You can get it at PetsMart) works even better. That is what I use right now.
I have two cats, and one Littermaid, I empty the container twice a week.
When I had one cat, I did it only once a week.

You can also purchase a big re-usable container for Littermaid, that is made out of plastic, I think its called Slide & Toss, I will get one when I have the money to. It fits more poo and pee in, so you would probably only need to change it once in 2 weeks with just one kitty.

Littermaid gives you options, of what litter to use, and you really only empty the box when you see it needs it. You can use natural litter if you want, or clay, or whatever clump-able litter you want.

Scoop Free uses silica crystals, which are not that safe for cats. They are hard little balls, so if your kitty doesn't like how they feel on her feeties, she wont use the box. You are also signing up for a life time of the cartridges that cost an arm and a leg. And the same litter, you cant use anything else with it, since it has no tray.

Before I knew any better, I used silica crystals. After a few pees, box gets yellow, and it did start to smell. I think I'd have to change the litter more often with 2 cats, to keep the house smelling good.

Let me know if you have any other questions. I've had my littlermaid for many years now, its the best thing I ever bought for my cats and myself.
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OH , I forgot to mention.
When we go on trips, I don't leave anything plugged in for safety reasons.

I put a big old fashioned litterbox out with 6-7 inches of litter, that way your friends don't have to touch it, as it has plenty of litter to last for 2 weeks.
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I have a jumbo Performa automatic litter box with hood. I just love it. I got it second hand on Ebay. They sell for over $200.00 new. When my cat first came home he had diarreha. It was awful to clean. After switching his diet now he has firm stool. The litter box works great. I still clean it twice a week. But could let it go longer. I got replacement bags off of ebay also. Saves a ton of money. I use really good litter. I always get for multi. cats even though I have only one. I really don't like to smell litter. Not sure how long the litter box will last but if it goes belly up I will be purchasing a new one I like it that much!
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What model of Purrforma do you have? This is honestly the first good review I've seen about the box. I bought my Littermaid originally from Petco and was told that Purrforma's are the most returned automatic litter box in that store.

The LitterMaid model that I have and have had good luck with is LM520.
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I know this isn't the one you asked about, but after visiting this website(someone on here recommended it when I was searching for an automatic litterbox ):

...I chose to get a reconditioned Litter Robot. They are about $230, plus shipping. I can't believe how much I love this thing , even with 4 cats using it. Even though it is sitting halfway on the airconditioning vent, I still can't smell it until it is way, way too full - a- heh. That would be over a week with 4 cats (*dies of embarrasment*, but wanted to tell the truth so you would have a good idea of how good this thing is-lol ). It uses regular garbage bags, and several different litters. Here's a link to the site:

And there are some videos on Youtube that show it actually working. Good luck, and sorry I couldn't help you with the 2 you mentioned- if this doesn't help, please excuse the intrusion into your thread about them. Hopefully, the Litterbox Central site will help at least . Good luck!
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My performa litterbox is the extra large jumbo size. It is the newest one they make. I also did a ton of research before purchasing. The litter robot was first on my list but I couldn't find a good deal on one. I paid $50.00 for the peforma from an ebay seller. So far so good. Will have to see how long it lasts.
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To the OP;

I think you have gotten some good responses. I guess the important point is to know your kitty well.
What kind of litter he likes - soft sandy litter, crystals, etc.
Some kitties don't like hooded litter boxes, like litter-robot.

Any litter box you look at, has downsides and upsides. Read a lot of reviews and see if you want to deal with some issues that the box would present an pick the one that is the most appealing to what you would put up with.

I can't wait for Worlds Best Cat Litter to create Worlds Best Litter Box.
Until then...
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Originally Posted by kittylover77 View Post
Let me know if you have any other questions. I've had my littermaid for many years now, its the best thing I ever bought for my cats and myself.
i currently have 3 littermaids, & i'm gonna have to buy another, because one broke just last night. so i'm currently using it as a non-automated box
but i love mine. i think they really help w/the odor.
i bought scoop-free brand litter at kroger last time, & it clumps really hard. i'd never seen it there before. i was looking for something a bit less expensive than tidy cats or arm & hammer, but that still clumped well. i tried the precious cat, but i didn't like it, altho i swear by the additive!
Target is showing a littermaid for only about $70... it's different-looking than the ones i have. i'll have to check it out next month, after i get paid again.
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I never had the Littermaid, but my friends who had them back in the day considered them more of a pain than they were worth. From reading the reviews on Litter Box central, it seems that some people love them. They tend to have one or two cats whose habits do not foul up the Littermaid's processes, and they don't mind some fussing over litter choices and levels.

So the first automatic litter box I bought was the Litter Robot. I've had it for almost three years now and I LOVE IT.

Even my fifteen pound cat figured out how to use it, because not only do I love it, the cats do too. I've found it to be a sturdier machine, quieter, and much more accommodating for different cats than anything else on the market. No matter their covering style or volume of output, as long as they can get the business end in the machine (my big boy sticks his head out the door) the Robot takes care of it without mess or smell.

And I mean my cats love it. Mr. Bond monitors the lights, Puffy comes out with a little bounce in his step, and the new kitten, RJ, would live in it if he could.

Absolutely fantastic!
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Personally, I hate the LitterMaid. My mom has had several of the things (along with several other automatic litterboxes available in pet stores), and they all seem to have issues. She's got two of my former foster kittens, and the male is very bad about covering his poop, so he's always clogging up the rake in the LitterMaid. I also hate the plastic containers, since I seem to be challenged when it comes to pulling it out to dispose of it. I always manage to "pop" bits of litter straight up in the air (usually right into my face ). I fully admit that I might just be retarded and unable to learn to use the thing properly. I have had to deal with them quite a bit, though.

As she insists on an automatic litterbox, I'm getting her a Litter Robot for Christmas, since it's the only one I've seen that gets rave reviews all the time. Haha...I won't be telling people at work about that particular gift.

I use two regular boxes that I just scoop. I'll buy myself a Litter Robot if hers works out.
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I think if money was no object ($299 is a lot to me), I'd skip Litter-Robot and go for a truly unique solution and get a Cat Genie.
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I saw those too! They are sooo neat! My only problem was getting the water hookup to it, and I have a side pee-er, so I needed a hood and I saw- I think it was on the Litterbox Central website- that they still haven't come out with a hood for it, though it has been promised for a little while, it really does just come down to your cat's/cats' habits, needs and preferences . One day though, they will have a hood for it, and if I have a huge laundry room (instead of closet!) maybe I will have the $ for one, lol.
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thanks for all the great information and links. i should have researched it better before i bought the scoop free box (and 6 months of trays! lol) not after... i didn't realize that when murphy tinkles it will never get clumped up and raked away like with the littermaid. i hate the idea of him standing in a box of his own pee and i'm not sure he'll like the crystals vs the sandy clumping litter (fresh step) that he's used his whole life. i also don't think i'll like the crystals when they scatter outside the box! lol... and like i said in the first post, murphy goes a LOT so the issue of the cardboard soaking through and getting on my floor is too gross... i don't want to constantly have to check to make sure that isn't happening or worry about moving the litter around every day to ensure it doesn't happen. that box seems as though it requires far more maintenance than the two times a week i have to empty the waste bin on his littermaid. so i'm returning the scoop free box and refill trays and we'll stay with the littermaid. i just hope they'll take it back! it was almost $400 with the box and 6 months of refill trays ugh! i learned my lesson... research research research!

thanks to the person who suggested i put out a conventional, non-automated litterbox when we go out of town so our friends don't have to constantly check the automated one and worry about replacing the filled waste bin. so simple yet we never thought of that!

i'm sorry i didn't return to this thread and thank y'all sooner but we've had houseguests from hell and every time i tried to get online for a second, i was interrupted. lol.... so thanks again!
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Hi all,

First post is about poo...go figure!

Anyway, I bought a litter robot recently and love the idea of it. Samba, on the other hand is having a hard time adjusting. He is so temperamental and afraid of change that it will take time and patience.
The best thing about the litter robot is the 60 day no questions asked money back guarantee if the cat can't adjust to it.
I thought about the catgenie until I read a review of it blocking up and owners waking up in the middle of the night to the alarm beeps going off and a pool of sludge to clean up. Yikes....not on my hardwood floors!
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"not on my hardwood floors!"

you got that right!!!

i've been remodeling since we moved into this new place in april and we just refinished the floors. we also had the electricians put an electric outlet in the closet where i keep the litter box. that way murphy has almost total privacy and i don't have to look at cords... everyone's happy! lol... and of course, i keep the box in my husband's playroom (ie: playstation central)

i thought about the litter robot but i'm afraid murphy won't like it. i've read mostly VERY favorable reviews though... once your baby gets used to it.


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That is the great thing about the Litter Robot (I was afraid that mine would be freaky about it, too- only one is, and she is freaky about everything...)- it says:

60 Day Money-Back Guarantee

Try the Litter-Robot in your home and experience for yourself the freedom from litter box scooping. You are protected by our Money-Back Guarantee. If you or your cat (*bold is mine*)are not completely satisfied with the Litter-Robot, for any reason, just send the unit back within 60 days to receive a refund of the purchase price (less shipping).
And they are honest up front about how much it could cost you if you need to return it (refreshing-good for both them and the customer):

Refund Amount
Your financial risk could be as high as $75.00 since you will not be refunded for the original shipping cost, nor will you be refunded for any return shipping costs -> your refund amount will be for the product price only ($299.00 new or $229.00 reconditioned).
Just in case that helps .
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The biggest complain about Littermaids seem to be getting stuff out of the rake if the clump is kinda loose, and the rake getting stuck if it clumps too well and sticks to the bottom.

That was a factor in my NOT getting a Littermaid. The Robot "breads" the clumps, so that's never a problem.

The Cat Genie looks interesting, but it doesn't seem to clean the litter box after every use. With a 30 minute cleaning cycle, you're not going to be running the thing more than a couple of times a day. One of the things I love about the Robot is that it cleans after every use, seven minutes is the longest a clump will sit around before it winds up in the storage drawer. I think that's the key to my getting three cats to use one Robot. Each one gets a brand new litter bed, every time.

One time my husband almost tripped over the cats, parked in the kitchen doorway. When he stepped over them to get into the kitchen, he realized why; someone had had a little too much Whitefish and gravy, and the stinkiness was noticeable. But seven minutes later, the offending deposit, and the smell, was gone. That's what the cats were waiting for!
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I bought a litter robot a few months ago. I was IN LOVE with this litterbox. My cat was not, however. She was afraid of it and would NOT adjust. I don't think that she liked the fact that she had to step UP to get into it. She started being sneaky and peeing all over my house. The final straw was when she peed on the brand new carpet in our nursery. I emailed litter robot and they told me to clean it, pack it up and ship it back. They immediately refunded my credit card the money minus the shipping. I really wish that the litter robot had worked out, it really was well made and had very quiet moters too!
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