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Medicine Tricks

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Ok, we finally took my cat to the vet and they gave her some antibiotics. But now she won't take the medicine. Its fluid and we give it to her by using a plastic syringe, but she just spits it out! Any tricks to make her swallow it? Even if we hold her mouth closed she does something so that it just froths out. haha It's kind of funny actually. But any tips or tricks are much appreciated! Thanks!
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Jazz does the same thing. When I was at the vets last, I watched how they did it and it helps a lot with Jazz. You put the cat on the couch or bed and sit behind them. Giving them some pets and love to calm them. You then take the back of their neck by the scruff thus causing the head to pull backwards towards you (firmly but not harshly). Then you take the syringe with the other hand and squirt bit by bit into the side-back of the mouth. You do little squirts and slowly so to make sure every bit gets swallowed. I hope that makes sense. It is what has worked for us. Hope it helps.
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Try mixing the dose with a bit of plain yogurt. My vet recommended that for Kittybear and she lapped it right up! I just kept it all on a spoon and let her at it. That way I knew she was getting the whole dose and I didn't have to worry about Ruth getting it instead.
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I'm lucky with Josh, I guess... I just get up behind him and gently open his mouth and squirt it in quick.

The yogurt is a good trick too... JJ LOVES yogurt. ANY kind. You could try a bit of yogurt without the antibiotic and see if he'll eat it first. He may not like yogurt. I've never had to try it with Josh, but I don't think it would work for him because believe it or not, he doesn't really like people food. I know, weird, but true.

Good luck!
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Kitty had clavamox last time she was really sick. What a pain. It causes her to foam at the mouth, apparently a common issue, according to my vet.

I would put a towel on the floor. Put Kitty on the towel and then sit down behind her, with her body between my knees. Then with one hand I tip her head up and then I use the type of the syringe (in my other hand) to pry open the corner of her mouth. Then I squirt the antibiotics in. Then I drop the syringe and hold her mouth shut with both hands. I rub her throat gently (trying to get her to swallow). Sometimes I also blow gently in her face (also supposed to make her swallow). Once I've held her as long as I can, I let her go. Generally she runs away with foam dripping from her chin. I use a dry rag and follow her around wiping her chin off. Which she seems to appreciate, it helps get her over the experience faster.

That's how I give liquid antibiotics to my tough girl.
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What we do with our cat is I sit next to him or put him between my legs. I grab his face with my thumb on one cheek and fingers on the other. You pull his head back and squeeze a little bit. All you need to do is open up his mouth enough on one side so you can get the syringe into the side of his mouth behind the canines. Aim towards the back of the mouth and at a medium pace, dispense the medicine. Don't squirt it because you don't want him to gag!

If you get the medicine on the back of his tongue he can't spit it out and will involuntarily swallow it. After you are done hold his mouth closed a little bit to make sure he swallows it all and doesn't shake any out.

You can see a demo about halfway through this video:
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I just wait until my kitty is lying down and then I come in while she's relaxed, hold her nape, and gently squirt it into the side of her mouth, she's on her side so it sorta forces her to lap it up...
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Yougart didn't work.
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Aww... poor babies... Whenever I have a liquid antibiotic I just mix it in with some tuna juice and my baby laps it up. You can also mix some of the tuna in with it. Just make sure you have enough tuna juice mixed with it to camouflage the taste. Good luck...
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