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Ice tea, some pens, computer stuff, a cd case, 2 remote controllers, some empty chocolate boxes and a bunch of cords. Nothing too exciting.
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Originally Posted by MoochNNoodles View Post
Umm...I think it would be easier to post a pic for you than to list it all! I'll try though!

Assorted stuffed animals, books, photo albums. computer cd's, some tapes, stationary, picutre frames, the monitor, speakers, a picture lazer levler, my crocheting suppies and yarn, lotion, a few Christmas presents, junk mail, glue, a flashlight, nailpolish, office supplies, a clock (with no battires in it), flowers, my beta fish vase (no fish in it) my rose jar (a big pickle jar full of dried roses from DH), a candle or 2, tissues, a travel file, nail tatoos, nail jewls, a calculator, some figurine type things....etc etc etc.

Edit to add: Ok just see for yourself!

Awww, is that the lilac/purple bear I gave you last year for Christmas on the top?!

I dont have a desk at home right now- so I'll go for my work one...

Client Intake forms
Date book
New client folders
Envelopes (3 kinds)
Monitor/mouse/mouse pad
1 bottle water
Cell phone
Work phone
Dell Printer
Incoming mail
Statement stickers
Director Stamp
2 lip gloss'
Stickey notes
White out

I think thats it Thank goodness I have a big desk!
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At work: Don't have anything of my own on my desk, everyone else here does.

At Home: No computer just tons of art supplies - I am into artsy projects, they keep my mind busy
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I'm at work, so here goes:

3 months worth of daily logs
3 months worth of orders
Beta tapes of TV commercials
Computer & speakers
Dolls on monitor - Pirate Parrot, Wally the Green Monster and a Chick-Fil-A cow
Tape, stapler, scissors, scrap papor , pens
TV remote
Empty and full coffee cups
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Whew! This is gonna be a l-o-n-g list!

Digital timer
Kleenex in Longaberger basket
Digital camera and camera case
Brass container with pens/pencils/scissors/hemostat/paper punch/hand mirror/comb/staple remover/paper clips/albuterol inhaler/'cheater' glasses/nail file/cat nail clipper/tetracaine eyedrops/post-it notes, tape & other assorted junque
Palm Pilot
Brass apothecary style lamp
Flavor blasted goldfish...almost gone...

The hutch above the desk has all the reference books (PDR, Merck Manual, Merck Veterinary Manual, Dorland's Medical Dictionary, Davis's Drug Book), a clock, pictures of the kitties and a silk plant in a brass pot. The printer stand next to the desk has the cable modem, cordless phone base and printer.
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On my desk currently is:

-pens/pencils(in a holder)
-candle/candle warmer
-a couple photo albums
-blow dryerMy daughter drug in here....
-some antibacterial hand gel

Think thats it.....

Add a can of diet cherry pepsi and some garden salsa sun chips!
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my cat Lucky
scrapbook paper
scrapbook album
winnie the pooh book
cinderella book,
how to tie your shoes book
half a turkey sandwich
glass of milk
roller coaster tycoon 3 game
bead ornament kits
craft paint
my daughters undies (clean)
comic book
flower punch
a plastic bin of Tatoos or as my daughter says tutu's
It is obviously time to clean my desk
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two CDs
a coaster
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows book
mouse pad

(I just cleaned it off last weekend due to having to get a new computer - hard drive crashed).
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Originally Posted by babyharley View Post
Awww, is that the lilac/purple bear I gave you last year for Christmas on the top?!
It sure is!!! She's up where Nodles has not yet ventured to steal any stuffed animals!!! She looks good next to my lilac clock there!
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