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my cat's claws get stuck to things

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like the title says, my cat keeps getting his claws stuck on things such as the window screen, pillows, stuffed animals, almost anything. when he's stuck, he'll struggle and jump around until he's un stuck and that takes about 5 minutes. what should i do?
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How often are his nails clipped? If you don't want him to get stuck on things, you need to keep them cut short once a week.
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You need to clip them, there are many websites with photo directions. You can use human clippers if you don't have pet ones but you need to angle them so as not to split the nail.
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What they said. I find a human toenail clipper is very easy to use and fits the shape of the cat's nails. If you can't do it, take him to the vet or a groomer. I have a wonderful place I take my cats to because they know how to misbehave with me. They charge me $5 per cat. I notice that when my kitties' nails start getting stuck on things, I've already waited too long.
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i've never clipped his nails before. i might have to find a place where they do it for me. i don't think i can get my cat to stay long enough and i don't want to hurt him.
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can they still climb things if you clip them?
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Of course they can still climb - but do more jumping (if you are talking curtain climbing then no they can't).

If you train your kitten at a young age to accept nail clipping once a week, then as it gets older you won't have too much problems. Get someone to show you how to do it and help you do it yourself. You will save a lot of money and headaches if you learn to do it yourself.

I start my kittens at 3-4 weeks old to get their nails clipped
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hm. I've never clipped my cats nails before but the new kittens get caught on everything. that was never a problem with my other kitties.
they're going to the vet next week, maybe I'll have her do it then...
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That's fine for the vet to do them first time, but ask the vet to show you HOW to clip the nails. They need to be clipped at least once a week - otherwise you will be wasting money taking the cat to the vet all the time to have them do it.

Its not hard, and if you do it on a regular basis, the cat will get used to things.
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Does a scratching post help keep the nails trimmed? Butzie uses her constantly and she doesn't get them caught on anything. Our vet trims them every time we see her, but that is not every week. So, is the scratching post a substitute for a week pedicure?

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Well it helps but I would not rely on a scratching post to keep nails trimmed. They do it more as a marking and exercise thing - not to keep nails trimmed short.
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I can get away with pretty much 2 weeks before I absolutely have to clip.

The best time to trim the nails are when they are in their coma sleep. Whitey is in his "I don't care what you do to me" mode and if Luna is in a coma-like sleep I can get hers...although I usually can only do a paw at a time.

Just trim about 1/8 of an inch above the tip and you should be good. Try to avoid human clippers too...especially on kittens. The reason why Luna is so tough to trim is because I use to trim hers with a humans. I wound up cutting the vein more times with that then the one made for cats.
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